Made the "switch" from M1 to Valvoline Synthetics

Short Thread, I got cheap is all that happened here :ROFLMAO: $23.97 for Valvoline full synthetic 5Qt vs 29.84 for M1. As much as i love M1 i don't think it and offers five dollars+ more protection, per OCI, (that almost pays for the OEM Hyundai oil filter) so Valvoline it is for now. Its for the Hyundai/Kia 2.4L coupe that's far from picky on oil, so as long as it clean-ish and full... The last time I used Valvoline synthetic oil was an honest 15 years ago, but it never let me down, i also used Valvoline maxlife ATF red recently for the Elantra automaitic transmission, and it shifted perfect.
The perception I have on Valvoline is it's meant for old vehicles and it's kind of thick lol but im probably wrong it's just I remember that name when I first started driving, and was equivalent to a Band-Aid in a bottle for older vehicles.
Also going to change the manual transmission fluid before i put in Amsoil. So i will drain and fill transmission using the Valvoline 75W90 synthetic fluid. use for a few days until amsoil gets here, and change it again.. I called Kia dealer, and they dont have qts of 75W90, and told me just to go to autostore, and pick up 75W90 GL-4, and change it out, no special fluid required so thats what i did.
Don't get me wrong this is not a bashing thread of M1, I will still pay the premium and use it in the Sonata, and change it twice a year about every 6-7K miles per OCI. I will also change the coupes oil twice a year, but i might only have 3-5K miles on the OCI.. and OEM Hyundai filters are what i use now thanks to BITOG. :)
Thats where im at this am. :coffee:
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Try Motorcraft filters If you can find correct size for your Hyundai. They are proven excellent on here..made by Purolator to Fords strict specs. Have ADBV & thick pleating! Use exclusively on our newer '18 F150 Lariat Ecoboost FX4 truck & brand new '21 Bronco Sport Badlands 2.0L Ecoboost ..w/Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w30 motor oil.
Also proven on here to have media tearing problems one some models - mainly the FL820.
Hadn't heard that but only really used the Motorcraft 910S for 4cyl GTDI engines . The air filters have deep pleats & seal very well. Also kinda pricey but worth the protection.