M1 T&SUV cache

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Jan 2, 2006
Woodbridge, VA
Found a big cache of old school SL certified 5W40 M1 T&SUV...wondering if its worth while to pick up a bunch (like the elf trackers down in the euro oil forum). It's 5.49qt.
OK OK, I'm all over it. I'll probably only pick up enough for two oil changes since I'm moving back to the mainland this year, and the movers don't take oil I think.
Carry on!!!! As in carry-on luggage. Don't give up the oportunity to catch any great oil. It seems our lubrication marketing is switching horses a bit too often these days. Very dynamic situation. Best to create your own stable "strategic oil reserve". [Big Grin]
Yeah, I just got back and purchased enough for 3 oil changes(14 quarts). I definetly would have cleaned them out if I weren't moving soon (they had about 30 more quarts). I might check into what the movers will take, it might be ok since it would be unopend factory container...but I don't know.
unclerunkle, If the military is transporting your household goods, they will not transport your motor oil. I ran into that problem on my last PCS. Good Luck
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