Looking for Amsoil EaAU & some questions....

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Jun 8, 2006
I looked on the site and it looks like they don't have any 2.75" Flange I.D. filters. Anyone know if there is any plans to make one or do they already make one and it isn't listed? My current filter is an AEM Dryflow with 2.75" flange ID and 5" media length. How are the Amsoil EaAU filters cleaned?
As you can see 3" is the smallest ID. Never hurts to ask, maybe there is some built up demand. I do know Amsoil seems to be a bit less agressive with introducing new air filters lately. http://www.amsoil.com/products/ea_filters/EaAU_Photos_and_Specs.pdf
Cleaning EaA filters should be cleaned every year or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Carefully remove the filter from the housing. Clean the housing with a shop towel, being careful not to knock contaminants into the air inlet. Filters can be cleaned by carefully vacuuming the filter media on the dirty side, or by holding the filter with one hand and carefully blowing the filter media at a 45 degree angle on the clean side using low-pressure shop air (15-20 lbs. psi).
Interesting. no water needed for cleaning? Wonder how clean it actually gets then? Are there any white papers or studies on these filters? Does anyone know if there is a simple and secure method of mounting the 3" filter on a 2.75" pipe using some sort of shim or spacer or something?
Wouldn't the rubber flange flex down .25" when tightening the hose clamp? Do you have to stretch your current 2.75" filter somewhat -- in order to get it on your intake? Is so, a 3" may be fine. I'd actually like to know the same thing. Mine is 3.25", and they only make 3" or 3.5".
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