Air filter choices for a 98 Dodge Viper

Feb 5, 2023
Okay, now I need to figure out the air filter I will be using. From what I can see it looks like The only filter available that will fit in the OEM airbox is unfortunately a K&N. After having read through the site for many years before posting, I know that the efficiency isn't very high on K&N's. I've asked around on the forums a little bit and one suggestion that was brought up was this box.

In past cars I never used any aftermarket cold air intake setups before. I know some are well designed and others are not. Also, are cone filters that would be used on this universal in the connection ( meaning, if there's a cellulose media cone filter made by someone like wix or fram, would it fit on the same connection as one designed for this just as well as a K&N or AEM aftermarket filter type)?

I guess at the end of the day, what is going to be the most efficient filter setup that I could go with for this car as I want to keep the engine pampered with as clean air and clean oil as possible? For the fact that I'm not going to drive the Viper on a daily basis by any stretch and just talk car shows or for just a casual drive never on the track in Midwestern corn and coal mine country, should I just get the K&N and not worry about it?
Oh, I didn't know that those were still in production. I just didn't see anything for any of the other company so I assumed the Mopar one wouldn't be available. If I can find one of those I'll just do that.
A performance car like a Viper? K&N all day. Just did a mountain cruise with a couple of Vipers - they had the dual cone filter intake similar to what you show.