Just some questions (Pennzoil ultra 0w-20) & ATF

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Sep 16, 2014
I just got an 03 spectra and I'm going through it changing fluids and what not..anywaus after some research I like the sound I the penzzoil ultra platinum so imma go with that in 0w20..my question for this is the oil additives. I seem to hear some good things about the moly stuff but I'm torn between the ceratec and the mos2. Which is better? Can I just use both? Was thinking about the zddp aswell but I keep reading that it's useless in modern engines. Are their any oil additives you'd recommend? I also will be changing the ATF. As for that I've read that the factory sp3 stuff is trash and should change with some new spec ATF...I was wondering what ATF would be the best? I want it to be full synthetic an high quality. Since I've hear great things about libeguard I plan on using it too. I was looking at libeguard and saw the highly friction modified stuff and might go with that one based on what you guys say. Also is that gear mos2 stuff for ATF? What other ATF additive would you reccomend? Thanks guys I'm just very indecisive. Oh yeah I almost forgot what are some quality oil filter brands as I will need one of those aswell
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Go with the Pennzoil Platinum oil by itself.

For ATF, hows about Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc by itself.

Oil filter, Fram Ultra?
I've got an '05 Optima. I'm not sure if they have the same tranny but wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Three years ago I did a drain and fill with MaxLife. I just did another, and I'm going to do three more before it starts getting cold out to make sure I have a good proportion of new fluid. I've not used any additives, and everything seems to be going fine. The price is right, too. $20 a gallon at AutoZone, and I hear Wal Mart has it for $16.

And, why the additives? Any particular reason you want them, or problem you're trying to solve?
Well I feel if there's an improvement to be had then why not. I already use techron once a month and I've seen and felt improvements in two past cars, I think that is what mainly peaks my interest in additives..I've used the zddp in an old caddy I had because I was told by the engine builder it needed it for wear protection so I can't imagine a noticeable improvement to be seen there. But I do like the idea of extra protection. No problems with the car I know of, I mean I did just get it ad it has 132000 miles. The tranny does have a slight shudder at take off and when it's cold it shift hard as [censored]..probably would've helped if I mentioned that I am trying to squeeze out some mpg's and less friction definitely helps with that. I may take extreme lengths too like grill blocking when it's cold, tires at max, hyper milling, maybe wai(still trying to see if it is even worthwhile with this cars ecu), racing disk hubcaps, possible partial belly pan. Thinking about switching to waterless coolant, just like the idea of a lifetime coolant set and forget lol
Is that flush stuff they got for the engine and tranny actually any good? I know I saw some conflicting discussion on them but I think they were also talking about using ATF as a engine flush(which that sounds like something I wouldn't do). You know when people say stay away from that dealership cause they're real shady..well basically every used car lot in my area is pretty shady. You know the kind that have used tire places next to them, where you can also pay a little extra pass your inspection even with the check light on..so there's really no telling what's going on inside that engine. Lol I've ha two other cars fail from these shady folks in my area
Lol ik I keep posting before anyone replies but should I even worry with the tranny filter. The ones I find say that you have to completely remove and disassemble transmission to get to it. That's more than I'm really willing to do myself and I think a shop would charge an ungodly amount for that work
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