Its that time again!. Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax applied for winter protection - Sonata.

Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
Here are some pictures of the 13 Sonata after a hand applied synthetic paste wax. It really cleans up nicely for over 50K miles, and 8 years old. The synthetic meguiar's paste wax really makes the paint look so deep, and glass like, plus the protection last for seasons. I love this stuff. To note: The sonata is holding up extremely well.. It was a elderly lady driven garage queen until 2019, when we bought it with just 2200 miles on the odometer and 7 oil changes!., then put about 24K miles on a year since then with only tires/brakes and washes. I did change out transmission fluid at 50K to keep it shifting great, and use synthetic engine oil changed out every 6K miles. I had to put NO major parts into this car, only NGK sparkplugs, brake fluid flush, and air filter stick out as maintenance items.
I do 24k a year on my Subaru OB and 8-10k on the F150. Your Sonata looks great all clean and polished! As prepared as she can be for the snow and ice and salt that's a comin where we live. I need to follow your lead!
My Son had a white Sonata for several years and detailed it as well. The paint held up great. My wife's 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe XL after 4 1/2 years looks great as well. I use the BITOG favorite (to hate) NuFinish. I use Meguiars Cleaner Polish on my 2018 Silverado-that paint is horrible-for a truck that listed for $54,000.00...........................