Ionizer in HVAC duct

Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I just had my semi-annual HVAC cleaning and checkup done. It's an employee owned company so not as bad as some of the ripoff HVAC companies I hear about.

No issues found but the guy did recommend an ionizing unit for the ductwork to eliminate mold and similar in the ductwork. Around $750 for the unit.

Unsure if was really a "this will help you" recommendation or was that what management told the techs to push this month that will result in a hefty commission.

Some concerns about ionizers and them putting ozone in the air you breathe which at some levels is not good.

This air handler is in a crawl space with a dehumidifier for the crawl space.
Do you have an issue with mold now? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m not familiar with an ionizer but don’t know anyone with one either. I’d say skip it but am curious if anyone here with actual experience chimes in.
Prob. something they were told to push.
Here in Florida, where the mold and humidity in the A/C unit can be severe, I had a UV lamp installed. It does a great job of keeping things free of mold. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that the UVB rays can kill some viruses.
The lamp itself does have to be replaced about once a year, but I get mine through Amazon.
Lamps cost about $25.00 each. You can also buy the entire unit from there, but you need to install it yourself. The lamp stays on continuously.

That being said, my Mercedes has an ionizer (ozone ?) generator in the a/c unit. I have no way to know if it really works or not. It's part of the air freshener system in the glove compartment. Not to be confused with the cabin air filter, which it also has.
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General consensus from the HVAC guys I listen to on YouTube is while they do something, the effect is negligible at best for the air volume of a house. They can also create ozone.