If cost were NO object if it made a difference?

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Aug 1, 2003
What would you use in a 95 Lexus V8 with about 90,000 miles? I recently purchased the car so do not know history. The engine seems tight--does not leak or burn oil. The car is used only in summer for highway driving and is used less than 7500 miles a year. The cost of oil is trivial but cost repairs on this car is outrageous and I'd like to keep it for another 50,000 trouble free miles. I have been using conventional oil but have been careful to always use a geniune OEM filter. Have not used synthetic due to concern over potential leaks. This is probably a myth but I have left well enough alone.
Snowflaque, To start this off right I'd like to know the viscosity recommendations in the owners manual...just the key ones for your climate like -25º to 50º,0º to 100º+,and 40º to 100º+. Then we can go from there.
Specifications from Owners Manual are: 5W30 SH energy conserving is recommended for all temperatures. 10-30 Can be used above 0 degrees but not preferred
Snowflaque, Let me give you a couple of options. If you only want to change the oil once, given the summer only highway miles, Amsoil Series 3000 5W30. If you feel more comfortable doing 2 3750 splits: Pennzoil 5W30 conventional or Chevron Supreme 5W30 conventional in that order.
This an easy question. As long as you're only putting 7500 miles a year on the car, use Mobil 1 5w30 and change it (and the filter) once a year. You'll get many, many trouble free miles (as far as oil related problems are concerned) from that combination. You might want to consider an Auto-RX treatment first before starting this routine.
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