How quick do you take your Christmas tree down?

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Ours is usually down a few days after Christmas. This one might be sooner.
My dad had a wooden table just like that. It had come from my great grandmother's house. It's beautiful!! The little tree is awesome,I love it!
Not prior to January 2nd. Our blue outdoor lights over our front and side driveway door (blue color to signify Advent), usually get unscrewed and put away (replaced by 60W-equivalent LEDs), also on January 2nd. I put-up all the Christmas stuff, indoor and outdoor, generally the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Didn't even put one up for the first time ever this year. I'm done with this Pegan ritual.
We have a pretty good sized new years party, and the lights and tree usually stay up for that, but come down soon after. I have a lit wreath on my office desk that I just took down today.
I didn't put the tree up this year, but normally I take it down on January 1st, while I have the day off work and I have time to do it. Plus, I don't see the point in keeping it up longer than that. By that point Christmas has already been over for a whole week. I don't see the point in continuing to celebrate a holiday that has long since ended.
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I was taught that Jan 6 is the end of the Christmas season. The lights and tree come down.
Never heard that "taught", but it's about right. I can have the tree down in 30 minutes.
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Didn't even put one up for the first time ever this year. I'm done with this Pegan ritual.
OK, but at least spell pagan correctly Mr. Grinch. My grandmother had a little ceramic tree like the one in the pic, good memories. Our little tree is down already, it's different when there aren't any kids around.
At one point it was April, this year wife got it down before Christmas was over. The tree had baggage this year.
After New Year's. The Christmas season is a special time and I make it last as long as possible.
All Christmas is gone on January 2 at my house. I have to go back to work after and time is more precious then. The winter gets colder too.
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