How many of you go 7500 miles on conventional oil?

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I see...
Fram Filters aren't junk, they are "OK" in my opinion, but better filters can be had for the same price... The new line they just came out with should be interesting... Maybe they are listening to BITOG like another poster here sugguest.

Ahhhh... The power of BITOG! Muhahahaha (Evil Laugh)
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I go with 3month/3000 mile. I've gone 4000 before, but am in the habit of 3 or 3000.

Well if we cant break you of that habit than no one can.

I grew up in a mechanic family. 3 mo or 3000 miles, ALWAYS! My truck has 220,000 miles. Recently had it semi-apart to replace a gasket, engine is clean as a whistle on conventional. It really pays of. Since it was sludge free, I have switched to Super Tech synthetic and I still change every 3000 miles.


I change my conventional oil every 7500 miles and I don't have any sludge.

How many miles do you have on your engine and have you had it apart to see the inside? Also, what type of driving do you do?

It's actually my parents' car, but it has 128,000 miles now. I removed the valve cover at around 94,000 miles and there was only a light coat of varnish on the valvetrain. Up until two years ago, the car only saw 2-3 mile trips. It does consume 1 qt of oil every 3k and I always keep it topped off.
I went 10K miles on oci using Mobil 1 and a Purolator Knockoff, no problems. Changed the oil at 91K miles with PureOne Filter and Quaker State 5w-30 Synthetic. I am going to check this one out and see if it will run out to 15k before another oil change.

Actually, the Mobil 1 could have seen more miles of service, I just thought that it would be better to change the oil and put the PureOne Oil Filter in place of the Purolator Knockoff.

With Mobil 1 Synthetic, I did not have to add a drop of make-up oil at all into my 2000 Frontier.

Mileage was fantastic over 27.5 miles per gallon in city driving, except when I went to the Texas coast to buy the reformulated junky gas in Galveston/Houston area, which caused it to drop to 17.5 miles per gallon...
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Whoever dreamed up the 3K OCI was a marketing genius . It's amazing how many intelligent people fell for it and practice it to this day .

In Australia, i still do 5000 kilometre changes with Dino, as 99% of our Dino and Semi Synth still has GRoup 1 in it, even the SM rated stuff. I'd go that far with a Delo 400 or Delvac MX Diesel as designed for that.

I am going 8000 kilometres with a GRoup 3 Synthetic, might push it further after i test it. My sump is only 4.8 litre wiht a 10,000kilom Holden recommendation. The newer cars seem to have nearly double the capacity.
I follow the OLM which normally goes off between 8-9K I use what normally is on sale. If I can not get anything on sale I use Pennzoil YB.
I don't. 4500 - 5000 on conventional of any type. Usually Valvoline, but on a whim I picked up some Mobil clean 5000 the other day and dumped it in my wifes Altima.

So far so good!

I plan to run it 4500 - 5K also, then dump it out.
I sleep well.
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