How does the Amsoil Bottle Look like?

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Nov 9, 2003
Sydney Au
hi, this is for the people in australia.

i just bought amsoil in australia, from Autospeed.

it looks nothing like the one shown on the website


INSTEAD i got a clear bottle, with a white cap and the amsoil stiker on the bottle.. the cap doesn't even have a safety seal. under the cap there is one of those plastic seals like those in orange juice.

it looks asif that these containers have been "rebottled" probable from a larger container.

looks like an amatuer can do what this supplier has done.

I am worried that

1. the oil may of been contaminated by the person filling up my oil

2. i may of not gotten the right grade of oil.

3. the oil may not even be amsoil at all!

anyone here in australia bought from autospeed and is this the same thing you got?

If all else fails, just do a UOA and compare it with the same oil in the UOA section. That should clear your doubts.
thanks i just shot off an email, i'll let you know thier reply...

i am pretty sure that this oil has been repackage from a "drum" somewhere in australia, coz the bottle i got was 5 litres (1.38 Litres) but yous yanks dont work in Litres.... only quarts.
The clear bottles are used for gear oils and 2-cycle oils here. I don't believe that Amsoil is a large enough company to afford separate packaging for different countries or retailers.

I think that maybe you should write a letter to Amsoil in Wisconsin and get them to comment on this situation. They may be interesed to hear of it and possibly be able to shed some light.
When I first used Amsoil back in 1991, I bought it in 5L jugs, and the jug was a white/clear color then.
does your caps have a safety seal? i.e when you open the cap there "ring" breaks off

or its only got like a paper type seal ~ orange juice style?
The quart bottles have the safety seal and the gallon jugs use a foil cover under the plastic cap. I have not bought Amsoil in the past year so hopefully my information is still accurate.
I can only speculate on what oil you really have.

But, Amsoil does NOT have a dealers in Australia as does the USA. Not in the sense of MLM (I go factory direct of course). It's closer to the MMM (multi-middleman-marketing). Amsoil USA=>Nillynob dealer in USA => shipping guy => boat => deeppocketsAussie guy => highlevel middle man with warehouse => a guy with a shop => a guy with a shack, tin roof, a drum cradle and bottles.

I have heard numerous stories about people buying drums of Amsoil and having them shipped.....and finally somebody in Aus getting oil in some other container.

I would look for real containers as you are to assure things stay on the up and up.
autospeed is a good company, if they were selling fake amsoil or somthing i bet they dont even know about it. :\

why dont you contact autospeed with your concerns? im sure they will do what it takes.
Amsoil is sold in Aust and NZ, however it is not legal to rebottle the stuff and then sell it, even in the US. It should still be in the original 1L or 4L containers ....

I'd report this to Amsoil ...

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No this repackaging is not an authorized practice. You’re right that you really have no idea what is in the bottle. We have no idea who repackaged it, but suggest you start with the person you bought it from. We would appreciate if you can furnish any additional information you discover, as this is unacceptable.

Thank you,

Jim xxxxxxx

AMSOIL Technical Services

I'm am not sure that this bottle i got has been "repackaged", however all i can say is that it is not the same as the one shown in all the websites that i have visited.

i have emailed autospeed and will let you know what they have to say.

When or did they ever make it in ROUND bottles?

As far as repackaged, hummmm
have you used it>?
Does it smell like oil, if you can get to it>?
Counterfeit Oil-hugh, but actionable-eah
its now been 3 days, and still no responce yet from Autospeed ... great cuatomer service there...

however on the carton that they sent me they had the phone number of the distributor that Autospeed uses. they are Neo Oils Australasia.

i phoned up the guy, and he seemed pretty clueless as to what i was enquiring about.

however he did seem honest.

he didnt really give me a direct answer, and i didnt want to accuse him of rebottling the oil.

i sort of asked him

"how come the container i received is not the same as that shown on the website, which is the dark grey bottle"

he said

"that is the container they come in, i think amsoil changed the container to save on cost"

he also said there is some sort of reflective marking of sorts.... hmmm i never saw this.

anyway i am getting pics done up, and will post up later and will also send the pics off the Amsoil in WI USA.
ok here is the pic of the amsoil i received.. as you can see it looks nothing like the ones shown on the website....

can one of the amsoil reps comment?


The label is different, but that is EXACTLY the type of jug the Amsoil 10w40 I bought in 1991 came in. I remember it well since it was a perfect 5L jug to use for transporting used oil to the dump with, so I kept those empty jugs for many years.
Although I've never seen a label like that and I've never seen a 5 liter jug like that, it almost looks legit. Maybe it's for New Zealand export (where we do have a dealer network).

Car Quest in the USA doesn't sell 5L jugs.

But the oil looks so dark??

Have you sent this picture to Amsoil HQ?
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