Honda dealers are just as bad as

.....Toyota dealers? At least my local ones stink. They have the area to themselves and charge accordingly. At least Nissan seems to appreciate the business and will often give you a break on parts or service just for being nice. BMW has the best snacks, Nissan second, Honda 3rd, Toyota maybe coffee if you're lucky. Might as well be at the Kia dealer.
Location must have a lot to do with it. I just bought a ‘22 JGC. The dealer offered $1000 below MSRP and I was able to talk them down another $1000. I see a lot of new JGC’s around here (at least 5 in my neighborhood). I’m in Lansing area and they’re assembled in Detroit.
Very true here at the moment……
Most of todays consumers take it up the azz I guess (ignorant?), my local honda dealer is shyte- I WILL travel the 4 hr round trip to other honda dealers- when it goes out of warranty- the car will likely never see a honda service bay.