Goodyear TripleTred vs Michelin Harmony

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May 24, 2004
Vail, Colorado
Looking for long lasting all season for 2005 Subaru Outbacks..with good handling,and top rain and snow performance [ for an all season ] Also interested in best mpg. The Tripletreds seemed very good until I heard people complain about losing 2 mpg.
I have Harmony's on my van and I'm very pleased with them. I always seem to have trouble getting a set of four Goodyear's to run true at the same time. This will manifest in balance or pulling issues...perhaps that's been corrected now.
The Goodyears seem to have a pretty aggressive tread pattern,that could explain the mpg loss. I have a set of Harmony's on my Seinna van and they are very good tires.I get good mpg's with this tire btw. I've put about 18K on them and they have not shown much wear and they cured the pulling problem this van had with the OEM Dunlaps.
I have the Goodyear TripleTreds and they perform exceptionally well on wet roads, even on heavy rains. haven't experienced snow yet. I did notice a drop 1-2mpg,but maybe it's the cold weather and maybe because I've been travelling 15mph faster than the speed limit. but i feel secure cruising @ 80mph in heavy rains on I-90 at night, even on curves.
I really like my new TripleTred tires. I haven't check the mileage yet, but nothing stands out so far. The "H" rated version is excellent handling, but a bit worse than other high performace tires. I'd buy them again. Ken
I have the Harmonys and love them. They increased the gas mileage. Vibration free and no traction issues. I prefer them to my GY Comfortreds on the other car. I would trust the Harmonys to remain smooth over the life of the tire.
I have Triple Treds on my wife's '05 Corolla. I love 'em. Great on wet roads,handle well. Don't know how good they are in snow...yet. Never checked milegae. Don't seem to be a difference. In a rainy 600 mile weekend trip to Maine a couple of weeks ago,we got 35 MPG doing an average of 75 MPH all the way.
Ack...Goodyear just wrote me saying that the rim flange was only an issue with 1 size and it has since been I got the Comfys when I didn't need to [Frown] Well 30 day return policy in effect...will go get the Trips now
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