GC in a 93 Tercel...am i crazy???

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Mar 20, 2005
British Columbia
Ive read all the merits of GC...and recently found a huge stash at a local walmart (havent been able to find it until this week).

The tercel is our daily commuter (60 miles to and from work on hwy) and lots of short trips on weekends. I know the 4 banger runs pretty hot and has been really hard on most oils i have used.

So what do the all knowing oil gods think...should i just keep throwing dino in to get burned up or go with the good stuff (GC of course).

P.S. it leaks a wee bit of oil into the exhaust system but nothing major.

Thanks all for your opinions
Not more crazy than me
,i had fed my baby (Matiz) with motul 300V a few years back.
You found GC at Walmart?

OH I see your in BC. I have to drive 40 min to an Autozone to buy GC. Part of the reason I have found myself with 15 quarts of PP from Home depot for cheap. I have one close to the house so couldn't pass it up.

I am no expert, but if your engine runs that hot a better oil might burn off less.
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