Forceum MT08 on my Tercel….am I crazy?

No pictures because it was dark but I finished up the brake job on the Tercel tonight and took it for a test drive. It definitely holds the road better and the noise is only slightly more than the Tiger Paws. Ride is firmer but not uncomfortable at 35psi. I may toy with pressures and see how it does. This was also with it unloaded so there was going to be a difference regardless. I’ll get some pics tomorrow.
I’d definitely say you are crazy lol. In a nice way though haha. I’d never run cheap no name brand tires ever. No matter the car or age. I could not live with myself going down the road knowing I have something that could cause an accident. Not saying it would or that an expensive tire wouldn’t just I’d be more leery of a blowout with a cheap tire. In my opinion tires and brakes should always be name brand. I’d personally go with Uniroyal Tiger Paw if available in that size. Those ones you got look like tires that would go on a truck lol.
No different than china $6 ball joints lol. I think you’re overthinking this. Don’t mean this rudely at all, just fascinated how scared people are of cheap generic tires. They collectively get millions of miles on them every year, if there was a big issue with them, the media would be all over it!
I just realized I failed to post pictures here. The first few days they wandered pretty bad but I’ve seen that before with the Mud Claw style tread. They have leveled out now and road noise/handling is more than acceptable. You don’t notice the noice with the radio or hvac fan running and it holds the road much better than the tiger paws. Ride is firmer due to them being LT tires but I’m running at 35psi right now so it’s not terrible. Overall I’m happy with them. It’s at the local Toyota dealer getting a timing belt and water pump before winter but should have it back in a few days. I’ve hauled just shy of 500 tons of gravel on the dump truck in 7 days and am far too busy to do something like a timing belt right now.
We got our first real winter weather here since I've had these. Generally I would move my tools to the F250 or K20 but I couldn't help to see how these tires would do. Had to run to the next town to the east of us, then back home then to the next town to the west. Overall I spent over an hour in the car and never went over 10-15 miles from home. I am impressed to say the least, to put it into perspective the highway department wouldn't plow our road due to a hill around the corner from our farm. You go down and you might not get back up. The Tercel plodded right along through fallen snow 3-4" deep in some areas and drifts up to probably 6" in areas. In ice they handled as expected nothing good or bad to report there.
I got 235,000 miles out of a Tercel 4 Speed over 10 years. Never replaced the battery, never worked on the clutch. An amazing little car.
Did you have the 3E or 3E-E engine? IMO its the worst engine Toyota ever made because of the massive oil burn, even worse than some of the new Toyota.
Did you have the 3E or 3E-E engine? IMO its the worst engine Toyota ever made because of the massive oil burn, even worse than some of the new Toyota.
Mine is the 3e-e, no measurable oil consumption on this one. When it sits for several days it’ll puff just a little blue smoke on startup but it doesn’t use enough to even notice a change on the dipstick. My big issue right now is I changed the valve cover gasket to eliminate a seep and can’t get the new one to seal up. It’s leaking pretty bad. It was a wholesale close out for $2-3 on rockauto though so probably old and not out much more than time to do it again.
Here you go guys. It’s filthy from the weather we’ve had but has been a champ getting around. Thankfully it’s really starting to melt today.