My new horrible beater


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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Looks nice, I’ve never seen those style wheels before.
They’re wheel covers. You can actually buy lower end MB cars in Europe, since there’s far less intent on gouging the consumer with “status symbol” type optics, that does little more than overly up-option cars and create dealers with obscene labor rates due to a self-created concept of what a buyer “deserves”.

I prefer the good engineering and solid build which is why I love old MB.
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Nov 11, 2009
My dad told me if I spend a dollar to save a dime I'll soon run out of dimes.
Aug 4, 2021
I've been trying to make my vehicles look good for many years. Between the amount of dirt a vehicle can collect over a few km when you live between farms and the parking lot scratches and dents, my mental health was at stake, i had to own something i could sacrifice to keep the other cars a bit nicer. :LOL:

This will serve my purpose, A 1995 Mercedes W202 C250 Diesel manual that i got for a couple hundred euros, it was very hard to start because of the anti drain valve in the fuel tank not working. What i've done so far apart from changing the fluids and adding a anti drain valve is put a new belt and grind off the rust, apply rust killing paint that doesn't match the body (but matches the interior lol), fix the holes with thick panels of fiberglass and epoxy and then spray linseed oil inside the cavities to prevent rust.

Here are the main features of this car:

- Very trashy exterior, can go anywhere without any concern.
- Disgusting carpets in the trunk, can hold anything.
- Clean interior.
- Has a tow hitch.
- Zero structural rust.
- 6L/100 km (40 US MPG) if driven conservatively.
- Runs on most alternative fuels thanks to the inline Bosch P pump (WVO, kerosene...).
- One of the coolest engine in my opinion, this 5 cylinder 20 valve sounds like something between a tractor and an race car.
- Drives perfectly, quite enjoyable despite being slow.
- A/C blows ice cold.
- Four brand new tires, new alternator, new starter, new battery, new glowplugs (those familiar with OM60x engines will understand), new fuel delivery system o-rings.

I still have to fix something in the front end, steering feels somewhat vague and it clunks over holes and bumps. Speedometer doesn't always work, when it stops, so do the odo and trip. Shows 375,000 km but it might be well over 500,000 km, i have no idea. Central locking doesn't work either. Also have a minor fuel leak at some of the delivery valves, which leaks air inside the pump overnight, runs on 3 or 4 cylinders for a few seconds when cold.

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That car don't look bad at all!
Do you have yearly vehicle safety inspection required where you reside?