E39 BMW M5 Experiences

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So I've put roughly 5,000Km on the car now. 3,000Km on the Mobil 1 0w40 that I put in it a little over a week ago now. It hasn't consumed a drop. Highway mileage at ~130Km/h (81Mph) is roughly 26Mpg.

Will have a pile of pictures in about another week to post up.

The CEL for the evap breather went out and has stayed out. I'm thinking it was just gummed up. I've put a lot of gas through it and it appears to be appreciative of that.
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OVERK1LL - Great news about your trip in an excellent car. Enjoy it all!

Thank you sir. I am definitely enjoying myself. The trip down was a good 50% price-wise of what it would have cost in the Expedition. And of course the driving was a lot more fun too
Swapped out the exhaust hanger bushings on this thing today. Took about 20 minutes, vibration is gone
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