I want to build a faux AMG Hammer : Am i nuts LOL

Jul 14, 2020
always loved the original AMG Hammer in the 80's , a great time when i grew up . So my uncle passed away around 7 years ago . he had a 91 300e with 50k miles on it that my aunt kept around . my aunt passed away a year ago and now my cousins don't know what to do with it . its not worth much . its also not been run for a couple of years .

i am thinking of taking it and making a fake Hammer out of it. A body kit, wheels and lowering seem to be all that is needed. i ma kinda concerned about finding a body kit and other parts .

am i crazy to do this ? LOL

The thing about AMG was that there was no specific Hammer model. They were apparently all built to order by AMG where the customer could specify anything including engine mods, ground effects, etc. While I'm sure most were manual transmissions, a few were left with an automatic, although I'm not sure if they did some sort of swap to handle the power.

I read about someone who had a 300TE based Hammer. Apparently with an automatic because the original customer's wife wanted to be able to drive it.

Not sure if they might still be able to do mods or sell the genuine parts. But AMG wheels should be available.
Even if others are fooled, won’t you know it’s fake? :p

i remember in the 80's and 90's there were a ton of fake ones out there. don't see them often anymore
One of my all time favorite cars....and you know the Hammer wagon > sedan for me.
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i so badly wanted to mold fiberglass tail fins and fit them to my escort wagon in high school. So badly.
I wouldn't go with fake, but an homage would be a better term. There is an official AMG Hammer list if you will. This popped up on Vinwiki a while back. A guy found a real AMG Hammer and snapped it up. I think most were automatics but a few left with manual transmissions.
The W124 is one of the best cars Mercedes built. Just a low mile 300E would be a pleasure to own and drive. The M103 is a solid, reliable, engine though you will a few special tools to work on it.

I would start it up, see how it runs. Maybe enjoy it as is. Or have fun playing with it.

But first, check out what a 50,000 mile 300E goes for in auctions, you may decide that fixing it up makes the most sense...you might change your mind about modifying it.
Years loago a guy who lived down the street from my BIL had a dead stock E36 325i with an M3 emblem on the trunk. I kept hoping I'd run into him so I could tell him, "Wow- neat car! Except for the wheels, the front airdam, the side molding, the side skirts, the mirrors, the rear valence, the exhaust, the seats, and the steering wheel, it looks just like a real M3."

I much prefer owning a Q-ship over owning a slow car that only looks fast,but that's just me.
AFAIK, isn’t the true AMG Hammer a W126 560SEL bored and stroked on AMG wheels and body kit? The 500E is on a different chassis (W124 E-Class) but built by Porsche at Zuffenhausen instead of the usual Mercedes Stuttgart-Sindelfingen plant.