Fram whatever or Honda oil filters?

Stick with the mid/premium filters since you are using them for 2 intervals.

Supertech MP, STP XL, FVP XL, ChampXL, Amsoil, RoyalPurple, M1, Fram racing tough ultra or titanium, Purolator One or Boss, Wix XP or Napa Platinum, or Denso FTF($6 per filter from Amazon Prime), or Bosch

I don't care for OE filters. Also don't see the point with shopping for the cheapest when concerning a filter or oil. My engines are worth more than saving a buck or two. Thinking Amazon or Rockauto can get you into a quality case of filters for a fair price.
I bought a 6-pack of XG3593A for my Odyssey. A little bigger than the 7317 and at the time, the 7317 wasn't available from the ebay seller. But I think he's raised the price a lot since I bought my pack.

The new ones (PXL- part number) are good for 10K. The 57356 size is oos at the moment but it is priced similarly.