Formula tweeking for API SM GF-4 - dino's

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Nov 25, 2003
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When they cap the phos at "I guess it's still going to be" 600ppm , how do you think they will tweek the formulas for backward compatibility . Here is the additive pack for the Motorcraft 5w-30 . The latest GF-3 offering as an example . Moly 42 Magnesium 18 Calcium 2077 Phos 921 Zinc 1285 [Smile] Vi 11.11 [Smile] They are gearing towards something here with Moly in the oil now where it was without prior . Will boron as AW be the answer when they reduce the phos/zinc in this oil ? I think many might just go with zinc of 700ppm or so , moly and possibly more group II+ in the base oil blend of the 5w-30's . Actually with this type zinc/phos used they " Motorcraft " could drop the phos and still have somewhere around 950 ppm of zinc Thoughts / comments ? [ April 02, 2004, 08:14 AM: Message edited by: Motorbike ]
Originally posted by Pablo: I thought the agreement was 800 ppm on P.
Geeze , it seems the cap changes with the wind . So they upped it ? Or was it never proposed at 600ppm ?
I thought the Japanese were pushing for a minimum of 600 ppm and the cap is to be 800 ppm.
I believe that is correct.
The SM oils probably will be better. Look at what is going on with Motorcraft 20wt oils. They are using quality additives and the oils don't show anything that outstanding in VOA's. Same thing will most likely apply to the new SM oils that have to meet more demands. The cost of oil will go up, but the oils will be better most likely. Same thing will happen to API synthetics like Mobil 1. SS has less ZDP then Trisynthetic, but SS is a much better oil. When the time comes, Mobil 1 will be tweaking some more and other additives will replace ZDP. [Smile]
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