For those that protest about Rock Auto shipping

I paid Rock Auto about $30 for shipping for $400 worth of parts, including 4 gallons of premix Motorcraft Gold antifreeze, which of course is fairly heavy. To me that's pretty reasonable. Rock Auto had the best price on the coolant.

A little heads up though. I believe I recently received some counterfeit Champion spark plugs from a RA vendor.They were OE style and cost about 50 cents each on close out. The plugs and packaging looked pretty good and undamaged but all the side electrodes were mashed into the center conducting electrode. I bent the electrodes back out to proper gap with my thumbnail. They were easily manipulated that way, too easily imo. I tossed them and bought some Denso's which were 4 bucks apiece and didn't look back. I suppose I could have spent the time and effort to get a refund/replacement in this particular example,but my time/effort was more valuable than the refund value. I guess the moral to the story is that fake parts have entered all domains. Let the buyer beware.
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The ersatz plugs should go back to RA. Exercising the return policy and practice can only add to the overall accuracy of how we feel about RA.
They might have a louder voice than any one of us.....not that they'll advocate for your position but you'll get some of your money/effort back and {maybe} they'll pay closer attention to their sources.

Just reread that your plugs are clearance and dirt cheap. Eat them. It's the American Way? WWGD? (What Would Grandma Do?)
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That’s cool. My wife complains about shipping on items but once I mention her time and fuel running around in circles she quiets down.
I've been using RA for about 15 years. Sometimes the shipping is unreasonable, IF you can't find the part you want in the same warehouses you are buying from. But I just recently realized how to use it to keep the shipping prices down. Kind of late to figure it out, but oh well
Just got everything delivered this afternoon that I ordered Friday. Impressed.
That is one benefit of RA using Fedex Ground. The Ground folks work 7 days a week (at least around here and elsewhere). When RA estimates the delivery date, they don't assume Sat / Sun delivery options either, so they'll say Monday or Tuesday and it can arrive over the weekend.
Maybe the fake Champions would have worked better than the real ones?
Probably. The OE plugs in 1966 for this engine were Champions. Feeling nostalgic maybe. I should know better I suppose. I like Denso/NGK for plugs and they are usually my go to, but this time......
RA has been my last safe refuge for parts I can trust to be authentic. Please, please make them aware of suspected fakes. I suspect -- or perhaps just WANT to believe -- they would care.

To stop fakes we need to all be vigilant. I know people are busy (me too) but fake parts are a real problem and in the case of things like lubricants or filters can destroy expensive stuff like engines and transmissions. Heck, I suppose fake plugs could, too, if they came apart and dropped something metal in your cylinder bore...
Just ordered up an alternator from Rock Auto. It was $24 to Fedex it to my door up in Canada including clearing customs. I’ll report back when it makes it. ;)
Just arrived. The cat said everything looks in order, and well packaged with air bags. Ordered Monday, delivered Friday morning, and included being cleared by Canada customs. Awesome.

It's the ridiculous shipping costs that always keep me from shopping online. I always look for the "free shipping" deals. They're out there, you just have to meticulously look.
For alternators my new go to is
free shipping in the states for orders over 35 bucks. 1 year warranty and the test sheet with the new part. I have been impressed with the rapid shipping and part quality. Don't know if they ship to Canada.
Headlight assembly ordered yesterday at 2 pm. Came today at noon. Regular FedEx Ground shipping. WOW!
All credit there goes to the warehouse/distributor they sourced your part from. In my experience, I don't think I've ever had an RA order ship the same day as ordered. Most will do the "Shipping label was created..." game though so that their "on-time metrics" look good to RA.