Floor jack pinch weld adapters. Rubber? Metal? DIY?

Yup, I use old hockey pucks.
I have purchased the rubber ones from Summit racing and they work fine....Just be sure you get one for your car...YES they do have different ones for different cars...I have a metal one that I purchased years ago from Eastwood and it works well too...but I like the rubber ones better as they do not mare the surface... I have also done the hockey puck method and that works well also....

Just ordered theses jack stand adapters. On the slow boat from China. Should be in in a month. There are a variety available for just about any vehicle; feel free to take a look. Searched everywhere for a "Made in USA" option but nothing suitable. BMW dealership said they just use a large flat pad. Seems like more and more vehicles now require a "special" adapter to raise the car. Certainly, BMW and Mercedes recommend one to avoid crushing.
The reason for my post. Position 1 is the pinch welds. Because of the plastic rocker panel moldings, there is not enough room for a larger 3 ton floor jack or the rubber pinch weld adapters that fit that cup. So I need some thing that is narrow or rectangular, not round like a hockey puck. Position 2 is blocked by plastic undercarriage covers in the back so I’ve been using the rear aluminum control arms. Would rather not. Removing the covers is doable, but not something that can happen in five minutes. I can’t use the crossmembers or rear differential on these vehicles.


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I used hockey pucks (two glued together) and cut a slot with a chop saw. I also bought pre-made ones and cut them down with the same saw to fit inside the plastic rocker panel molding.

Mike B
I have something like that, but frankly, they’re not very convenient if you’re stuck on the side of the road.
Most VW have a hole in the frame that have a jack pad made to insert into them.

I do have holes like that. Going to get my calipers and see how large they are. They are position 2. Almost like the body was on a rotisserie at some point.
First look at how the factory jack lifts around/by the pinch welds. Duplicate that.

On my Subaru Forester and Crosstrek the factory jack lifted the frame on the inner and outer side of the pinch weld. The factory jack was designed so no weight was on the pinch weld itself but on either side of it. The pinch weld just held the jack in the proper place so it did not move/slide in or out.

Obviously other cars could be different.
YMMV but on my cars, I jack from the unibody "frame" rail. All the unibody cars I've seen, have this channel that runs the length, that looks a lot like a ladder frame. I put a 1xwhatever under jack and the lifting force is spread out. I can then toss a jack stand under the pinch rail (or under the "frame" rail) as I feel necessary.
I do that also, but beware that some of those boxed frames are incredibly weak and I have seen them dented, especially if you don't use some wood etc., like you mention to distribute the load.
That’s neat. Do you keep them on permanently?
Yes, they attach with those allen-head set screws. These are great when you have a floor jack, but if you’re on the side of the road fixing a flat, you don’t have any slot to capture of the scissor jack. 🤷‍♂️