Pinch weld

I think OPs issue is he can't find the frame rails due to all the plastic cladding. I have a similar problem with my current-gen Prii. There's about a 3/8" gap in the plastic that lets me eyeball the "frame rail" parts of the floor pan and then I have to count on my depth perception to set the quik-jack up correctly.

Ah. Reading > Me. Our 7th gen Camry has a metric shi*onne of that plastic cladding as well. Does make it hard to judge.
eljefino for the win--yup, nothing but cladding underneath. I'm not sure if I want to jack against it or not, after finding where the rails are.

In the end I just used the axle lift points, actually I was surprised, having a set of snows in the garage made tire rotation actually faster. Instead of lifting 5 times it was only 3. Seemed faster.

I did have to resort to lifting the front a couple inches so as to do the oil change, sans any sort of jack stands, just enough to get clearance. Will look into my options before next time.