Fixing the heat problem.....


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Jun 2, 2014
While Im off to amsterdam for a trade show for a week construction is continuing.

I'm done with high energy prices and blistering heat.

Step 1 - Owens Corning cool roof with SRI above 20. Best thing they make some say the white is ugly but with the grey trim I dont think its too bad, either way I'm throwing the best tech I can buy at it outside of a stand off metal roof.

Step 2 - Solar - installed mounts for 20 - 400W panels powered by Enhpase Iq8's. Panel onstall next week. All gear delivered on the ground ready to install.

Step 4- Whole house fan is already in - Check . ADDED 6 Ohagin vents so I can run it on high without blowing out the room its in 6500CFM moves a lot of air.

Step 5- Attic fan in. Check

Yesterday was 110 in Penn Valley and the upstairs got no hotter than 80 without AC, WITHOUT cooling the house down prior. A local fire prevented the whole house fan from being used.

PGE Continues to be the lamest utility Ive dealt with in my life. Power has been out at minimum 8 hours every day of the heat wave and the whole house genset has covered beautifully if not expensive comparatively from a $ per KWH perspective.

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 8.54.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 8.56.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 8.54.53 AM.png

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Looks good! It's nice to see someone building smarter and efficient!
I don't have much sympathy for people building an inefficient house and then complaining about high cooling or heating costs....
Whole house fan is great for those cool nights, especially when it’s calm as you cannot get a draft going with open windows.

My house in CA had tile, concrete not ceramic, and it did a very good job at keeping the heat away from the attic.

Just make sure you have a controlled way of getting the fresh air inside the house, otherwise the inside may get too humid and and mold can set in. Look into an HRV or ERV.
Are you adding storage?

Not at this time.

I'd need to double up on inverters and storage compared to a normal installation because I have to run two water pumps (nearly) simultaneously.

A well pump, and a septic transfer pump.

I'm waiting for the inverter tech and storage to jump a generation before I bite.
If the pictures you’re showing is the new roof I’d say it looks great.
Agreed, based on the OP I was expecting it to look worse. That being said, I purposely chose black shingles for the opposite reason living in the great white north lol.
Looks good. I had to look up Ohagin vents. I had never heard of them. They don’t stand out like regular vents.
Here a better pict- of the vents.

The backyard grass is toast, I stopped watering it a month ago. Not going to stress my well watering grass.

After I recharge the piggybank form this latest endeavor I, going to make it one big patio.

My house in Jupiter, FL. I have a bright white, concrete tile roof. I also have 2 solar powered attic fans at the peak, on back. The attic remains at ambient temps. My old house had dark shingles, the attic was stupidly hot, and the heat radiated through the ceiling insulation and would heat up the home. My AC ran constantly.

This house is 2.5x the size and has significantly lower electric consumption. It is also a lot more comfortable!

That is a great looking home, in my opinion. I personally love the shingle color. The fact that it is functional as well only further increases it's appeal.
The heat wave is over, the new cool roof and panels are up- its been a busy two weeks.

Waiting for grid connection, but were making rated power.