Fish: how do you prepare it?

Mar 12, 2015
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I had some fish last night at a hangout. Baked, with only black pepper, lemon juice, olive oil and it was delicious. Side of homemade Mac and cheese and steamed rice. I’m not wild on fried foods anyways. I have some fish in freezer. I’ll probably bake some tomorrow along with a salad and some cabbage and salmon chopped up with mayo and hot sauce. How do you folks like fish?
I eat a lot of Northern Pike. They are good eating once you figure out how to remove all the bones.

I usually cut into small pieces and coat in fish crisp, but have recently started using Shake & Bake original flavor.
Really puts a nice crisp coating on.

I will either cook in a deep fryer or pan fry, but I was surprised that they turn out pretty good in an air fryer too.
Depending on the type of fish, you could try poaching it. That means you cook it slowly in hot water or broth kept under the boiling point. Add salt, herbs, and spices to the water/broth to your taste. Use low heat on the stovetop.

Monkfish, which tastes a lot like lobster when prepared properly, is a good one for poaching. After cooking, enjoy it with melted butter in a cup on the side.

Poaching is also ideal for certain kinds of seafood that otherwise cook very quickly, such as scallops.
I leave it in the store and buy something good like beef or pork.

Actually battered and fried is about the only way I like it and even then i don’t do that myself.
Depends on what type of fish. I love lemon pepper tilapia. My mom makes it best. Get tilapia and put the lemon pepper seasoning on it and bake it and man is it good. I like glazed salmon. Can’t remember what it is we glaze it in but it’s good. Also I believe salmon is good grilled too. Now you have me wanting fish lol.
I like fish baked or smoked. Depends on the fish.

Baked fish filet: put fish filet on an oiled baking sheet. brush with lemon juice and olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and whatever herbs you like. Mix a tablespoon of breadcrumb with finely chopped onion, spices, herbs, and olive oil, then spread the mixture on the top of the filet. Bake until the fish is done and the topping has browned. Usually, it takes only 12 minutes or so.

Any smoked fish is delicious, especially fatty mackerel.. Stick a fish like a trout or a perch or even a shiner on a skewer or branch and cook it over the campfire. I love Mac and cheese with smoked salmon. Only I use tortellini. I do eat the occasional fish&chips.
I have two go to baked fish recipes. For one, I melt butter and combine with lemon juice, and black pepper. Pour over the fish filet, then cover the fish with slices of lemon and yellow onion.

The next one, I've only used for salmon. Generously sprinkle salt and black pepper on the individual serving size pieces of salmon.

Heat a heavy frying pan so sprinkled water dances in it. (I prefer a cast iron pan.) Pour in 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. As soon as the oil just starts smoking, place the salmon pieces in the pan, but not touching each other. If your fish has skin, put the skin side down. Turn the heat to high. Cook for 2-3 minutes, just so the fish is golden brown around the edge where the fish meets the pan.

Transfer the frying pan to an oven preheated to 425°f. Let cook for 6-10 minutes, depending upon preferred doneness and size of pieces. We like it at about 8 minutes. This is my wife's favorite way for salmon, as she likes the crust.
Nobody here like sashimi? I don't eat it frequently because I don't trust food preparers' hygiene or their sanitary practices. However, I do eat ceviche all the time when I'm in Cota Rica and I'm still kicking.
If its bass or bluegill I pan fry it electric skillet for easy cleanup and temp control. ~~350 with about 1/8"-1/4" of oil in it.
make a breading mix with bisquik & breadcrumbs (any kind panko etc)
shake in ziplock back after dunking in milk/egg combo.

Salmon is REALLY good on the grill and easy easy easy.
a tiny bit of olive oil to prevent sticking
those copper grill mats are ideal.
then old bay when its done.

Air fryers do an amazing job on frozen Tator tots and fries.. not so much on fresh breaded food it blows the breading off.
If you have one of those mediocre side blowing toaster oven style it might not do that as much.
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I hate fish. The only time I find it palatable is when it is blackened.
Truely I think you just havent found the right one yet.

Fresh caught freshwater fish breaded and fried is like candy.
Not restaurant junk.
Fresh caught freshwater fish breaded and fried is like candy.
...................Fresh caught bluegill breaded in cornmeal ........... heaven.

Cracker Barrel, of all places, actually has decent catfish with a light cornmeal breading.
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