Favorite "garage hands" soap?

AJAX Ultra w/ Grapefruit . Like the smell as well :giggle: . Also use window cleaner w/ ammonia and 70% rubbing alcohol . Window cleaner works great for cleaning up motor oil , breaks it up , helping clean out oil drain bucket , oil pan , drive , etc. . Rubbing alcohol 2nd to oil cleanup and does well with pine pitch on your hands , bottom of shoes , etc..
Pro Soap Industrial hand cleaner. Tried them all, this is by far the best. Only thing that gets grime off your hands better is carbon tri-chlorathene, an extremely "hot" grease cutting chemical that was used in the die casting industry to clean dies until it was banned by OSHA for being an extreme skin carcinogen.
I prefer a soap called Zolex. It’s a green paste that comes in a tub. As a heavy equipment mechanic, I struggled to find something that would work excellent and didn’t hurt the wallet. I got it on Amazon.
As for a laundry detergent, Fast orange detergent works amazingly well. Took all the grease and oil stains out and got rid of all the hydraulic oil smells. I usually got that at Advanced Auto parts.