Dealership screwed up oil change

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Sorry for the kidney stone health issue man. Not defending Valvoline, but maybe they didn't screw up.
I had a Subaru with a "soft" bolt for a drain plug that @Al chided me for not using proper tool or procedure. I think it was the first FB25 in a Forester a decade ago. They kept the huge bolt but went to a small head instead of the meaty 17mm.

This was change #2 after the Dealer "freebie"OC. I used a 6 point box end wrench as usual. Threads rounded right off. Went to parts counter, guy wouldn't give me a free one(!) Even though I claimed it was made of mild steel or pot metal.

I Kept the plug as a memento on my desk for ages. And photographed it.

Get well, feel well! - Ken

FB engine 14mm head drain plu
This is why at 79 years old I still do my own changes.