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Nov 15, 2002
I was just looking at the spec sheets for Cononco's Hydroclear and Syncon motor oils. I thought I read on here somewhere that the Syncon was a PAO synthetic. If that is the case, why is the pour point LOWER for the Hydroclear 10w30 than the Syncon 10w30? Shouldn't a PAO-based 10w30 have a lower pour point than a Group II based 10w30?

Pour point for Hydroclear 5w30 & 10w30: -40*C
Pour point for Syncon 10w30: -33*C
Pour point for Syncon 5w30: -45*C
Conoco Hydroclear Super All Season SL GF3
5/30 pour point -40F---2600cp@35c
MRV TP-1 22,000@ -35C
cSt @ 40c
cSt @ 100C 11.5

Same oil in the 10/30
Pour point -40F--3200cp@-20
MRV TP-1 22,000 @-30C
76 @ 40C
11.5 @ 100C

Here is one I like : HD Fleet Supreme 10/30
Pours at -45 Flash point 469

Anyway here is the Syncon High Performance Synthetic full PAO

5/30 pour point -55F
cSt @ 40C-59
cSt @ 100C 10.0

10/30 -55F
cSt @ 40C- 66
cSt @ 100C 10.0

15/50 -55F
cSt @ 40C- 129
cSt @ 100C- 18.0

Here is the Phillips Trop Artic 5/30 PAO Synthetic

Pour point -60F
cSt @ 40C- 73
cSt @ 100C 11.8

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The spec sheet I've got for the Syncon is dated 04/02 and says the pour point for the 5w30 is -45*F and the 10w30 is -33*F. Where did you get your numbers?
Out of the 2003 Product handbook given to me by Conoco,,same for the Phillips it came from the Phillips Handbook.

The website of the Phillips products are up to date,the Conoco is being reworked and some oils have been dropped and new ones added and or tweeked because of the merger I guess.I hear a press release is coming soon unvailing some new products to include Kendall FWIW

Because of the agreement with Ford and the fact Conoco makes the Motorcraft oils, Conoco oils must be obtained through wholesale warehouses or their fuel stations,Co-Op's and other sources. Another words they cannot market their brand on TV,Walmarts ect.

I have heard to sell oil to Walmart you must as a Company front them a Truck load,then they will not pay for it until every last quart is sold,,I think this might be why oils/lubes from smaller companies are not seen there.Conoco/Phillips are no longer small companies though

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IF the oils are PAO's, they may be using a different viscosity base or a mix of bases of various viscosities to meet new specs.

PAO's come in 2, 4, 6, 8, etc vis's at 100 C for various applications. Mobil, is the only company I am aware that produces the heavier viscosities of PAO for gear lubes.
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