Chrysler/Dodge and Firearm-related Names

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Mar 19, 2004
Central Oklahoma
From this Okie to Chrysler - thanks! I was too dense to see this before, and my apologies now if its already been posted, but thanks for the following firearm names:

Nitro - new for 2007

(Did I miss any?). Also interesting that each of those nouns/names have other non-firearm connotations as well. Pretty smart! And, add in additional vehicle names like Dakota, Liberty, Patriot, and Cherokee, and I offer you a big

And let's not forget the name Chrysler gave the original Hemi: FirePower.
Just be thankful they didn't make a "Glock". It would have been made from plastic, only in the color black, & it would be the ugliest thing on the road...........but it would never break down.
The Beretta firearms company actually sued GM over its unauthorized use of Beretta for a Chevy car. And given the poor quality of that car, not only were they using the name without authority, they were also destroying the value of the name by associating it with a substandard product.

Magnum is not necessarily related to firearms. Large wine bottles are also magnums.

I wonder if any car manufacturer would label their new car a "model 1911" ??
Since the early '70s VW has traditionally named their cars after famous winds (Scirocco, Golf, Passat, Santana, Bora). In the mid-'80s, VW was looking for a name for the successor of the VW Scirocco. The prototype of the new car was finally announced as the Tornado. Alas, VW decided that sounded way to aggressive and went with the lame name Corrado (Italian for Conrad)instead.
I've always been attracted to cars with animal names like Mustang, Colt, Beetle, Gremlin (
), Cobra, Tiburon, Hornet, Eagle, Iltis (VW), Mungo (DKW/Audi), Viper, Falcon, Jaguar and Barracuda.
"Magnum is not necessarily related to firearms. Large wine bottles are also magnums."

Exactly. Its interesting to me that every one of these names have at least one other meaning/definition other than firearms, and in my case, I didn't see any relationship to firearms until I saw the Chrysler vehicle name "Nitro" for 2007. Well Duhhhhhh!! (I'm slower than most on here). I've got to believe Chrysler did this purposely. They've always marketed their "Dodge" as western-ish.

I'd recommend to Chrysler the double-name "Bolt," as in bolt-action, lighting, etc. Maybe "Impact." "Pinwheel?"
nick29 - that's amazing, this is even better than I thought. (I know Ford has the Harley-D truck). Maybe Dodge can put a copy of the movie "Winchester 73" inside each of their vehicles...other than the "Ruger Ram," of course.
Well, my ol' alma mater decided it was un-PC to have the name Redskins (for over 100 years) and changed it to the MIAMI UNIVERSITY Redhawks.

And everybody knows that a Redhawk is a big-bore Ruger double-action revolver!

p.s. I suggested the name "Drunken Savages", but only through personal experience in the early '70's...

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