Schaeffers and Specialty Formulations in complete 03 Dodge CTD fluid change

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Jan 17, 2006
Northeastern WY (Black Hills)
I want to replace all the fluids in my 03 3500 Dodge CTD SRW NV 5600 6SP 4X4 with the AAM axels and the anti spin in the 11.5" Rear Axel. Build date of 06/25/03 built on a wednesday!!! current milage 71,231 Engine has run on Rotella 15-40 or 10-30 since new until last change, when I went to valvolene premium blue 5-40 for this winter. FleetGuard Stratopore filters Fuel, Air and Oil used exclusively. Engine has had a Pre/post Luber, installed since 4th engine startup. 0 problems, a flawless truck to date. Member TDR. Axels had fluid change at 12000 miles. Trans not yet changed to date, T-case not changed, power steering not changed, brake not changed, Coolant not changed. I have spent WAY TOO MANY HOURS READING POSTS! Actually to the point confusion as to what to use. Redline good, redline bad, penzoil good, penzoil bad. Quite frankly, I'm tired of searching and looking though irrelevant posts, trying different phrases to get to one thread that is relevant to what I am seeking, and missing the best one because of how people name the threads or fail to state the data in the thread in a coherent form that one would think to include in the search parameters to be able to return in the search without 47000 or 0 returns, this is with an at BEST 28,8 connection. Here in Northeastern Wyoming at least lately, I have more extreme heat in the in the summer than extreme cold in the winter, yes it can and does get well below 0 but it more often gets to 100+ during summer. 120+ degrees ambiant temp swings over 12 months, challenging for infrequent fluid changes. It Is an important note that the truck frequently carrys heavy loads and tows trailers of 10,000 lbs in mountains. Elev. 4000 to 7000 asl. As I do not wish to waste my time or money with so so results I seek the BEST lubricants for my application with as few compromises as possible given the ambiant temp variations. I am particularly interested in the two Brands as follows: Specialty Formulations and Schaeffers. Both of whom are sponsors of this site. Specialty Formulations: Great website, I can actually determine the relevant products that I seek for my application at least in the main. MoleKule: Impressive credentials, It inspires confidence in this humble M.E. Schaeffers: Age of the company, independant status, quality of ingredients and innovative advances, in particular the moly suspension make me WANT to try at least some of your products, BUT, your website SUCKS, at least as far as me being able to determine what products are applicable to my vehicle. By the way PDFs are a real pain for lowspeed connections. Please take this as meant, in a constructive manner. Please bear in mind that purchases from both of you are imminent upon final determination of correct products for my application, your prompt albeit well considered, replies requested. Pros and cons welcome. If uncertain as to a particular point please state so, don't "wing it" and state as fact, however, suggestions welcome, sell me on your product. I'll be around for many years to come with a fleet of vehicles and equipment. Average one way minimium drive distance 20 miles, average norm 70 miles. occasional 250 to 700 one day drives. Cool to cold nights, warm to hot days. 1st 4 miles rough private dirt/gravel road. Oh, BTW, I own a Case Backhoe, Dump truck, Ford Tractor, Cat Road Grader and 50 Small engines, we will talk about these later. On to the Dodge O3, 4X4, 3500, NV5600 transmission, Transfer case, Cummins, AAM axels, 11.5 rear axel, anti spin,single rear wheel. Power steering + hydro boost brakes. A for axels.... Front Axel: American open differential: Capacity unknown (or should I say too much reading and forgot) Specialty Formulations: HDS-5 75w90??or 140 or?? And why yours? Schaeffers: Got an appropriate Moly lube? Others? And why yours? Please list your recommendations: Rear Axel: American 11.5" Anti Spin, Careful Now, has funky helical geared anti spin that can't take too slick of an oil and can't have friction modifiers in it, NOT A LSD or POSI. Capacity: forget, see above. Specialty Formulations: HDS-5 75w90??or 140 or?? And Why yours? Schaeffers: Got an appropriate Moly lube? Can a Moly work in this app? Others? And Why yours? Please list your recommendations: Brake fluid: Thinking of staying with dot 3, dot 4 holds 50% less water but has half the life of dot 3. I have heard about, If i remember correctly, a NON silicone dot 5 (?) with better properties but can't remember all the details of it. I know about the silicone product but not even thinking of going though THAT Hassle of total evacuation and cleaning out of system to use. Any Thoughts: Power steering Hydro boost system: Capacity ? Needed amount for flush & fill, has cooler, two Quarts? Specialty Formulations: HPS Glide seems to be it. Sell me on it. Schaeffers: Anything available? Transfer case: ATF-4 Capacity? Specialty Formulations: MTF Glide seems to be the obvious choice here. Schaeffers: Your recommendations: OK here comes a biggie NV 5600 Transmission 6 speed syncros don't like GL 5 I intend on installing a filter at change. Capacity HEY I Know this one 4.75 Qts assuming you get it ALL out. Specialty Formulations: It would appear that Syncro Glide is your option. Sell Me. Schaeffers: Your recomendations, Anything with moly in it? Sell Me. Coolant : not your baliwick I know but whats your thoughts stick with the orange stuff or ethelene glycol with distilled water? Specialty Formulations: I'm very interested in the purple Problem Solver Yellow Wasp and SX-UP Schaeffers: I'm Very interested in your engine oils both conventional and synthetic, both for my cummins and my cat and case diesels. as well as for my gas engines Thank-You For your time. Rich Concrete Solutions. [ January 23, 2006, 04:14 PM: Message edited by: 59 Vetteman ]
Buy our supreme blend 15-40 and put in everything year round. Get our Moly one for 75-140 ( I know the sheet says 80-140, but it is 75-140) Trans Nuetra and our correct weight oils for the smaller engines. thousands of equipment operators such as yourself trust their machines with nothing but Schaeffers. or Buy Schaeffers Engine oil, The other Schaeffers products that fit and fill in the gaps with Molacule. By now you should have read enough to tell you that the only way you can go wrong with Speciality Formulations or Specialized Lubricants is if you do not get the right product in the right aapplication.
In my communications with Mr. Molakule regarding my NV-5600, his reccomendation was to go with his MTL-P fluid, which I did. It did help eliminate a small bit of the notchiness in the shifting quality. This fluid replaced the Mopar fluid. Joe Fihn
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