Brake Rotors Effect on Stopping Power

Feb 27, 2009
down in the park
Donut media did something interesting to this dicussion with their Hilow series.

One 350Z got new pads, lines, fluid but kept stock calipers and disc sizes, the other went with a big brake kit.

Watch what happens with brake distances on the car with upgraded pads as they get some heat in them (and what happens at the end) and especially note how fast things are getting worse. I think this 350Z is using 11.5" rotors

Not sure how upgaded centric posi quiet brake pads are though... Not saying you have to get big brake kits, but theres a factory big brake option on quite a few cars, or something from another model could fit for much less than $4,500....

Looks like the car that got the wilwoods already had semi-metallic pads installed.
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Aug 23, 2010
i installed a wilwood 4 piston kit with 2 piece rotors on my 2001 audi TT + braking was much improved, cost 1 G a few years ago + would do it again!! not a racer but better brakes are a safety IMO. i have good suspension + tyres as well but nothing extravagant!