Black is the silliest car color - prove me wrong

This picture makes my point. Awesome car, but even in the picture, I can see road grime on the rocker panel and rear quarter panel. Stands right out. If the car were silver, that same amount of road grime would not stand out near as much. I suspect, even other colors would not make the road grime stand out. But a black car shows every trace of dirt.
If the car were silver, you would never see the sky and clouds reflecting off it.

To get to my home, its a mile and a half on an unpaved road. Vermonters are used to a little dirt.
My former "King of the Road" with a ftesh ceramic coating. Stark. Simple. Black wheels. Hi KC Jeep. 2018 Tacoma with the great 2TR-FE.
Beautiful! It looks like a Huracan? Can't tell which variation. But it would look so much better in yellow. Or green. Or red. Or blue. Or gold.

Here are two Lamborghini Huracan in stock colors. Note how features that are visible on the yellow car, disappear on the black. See the crease, going from the grill towards the front wheel, on the yellow? Can you see that on the black? What about the subtle crease across the bottom of the door?

I bought one black car and picked the color, I said never again. Of course down the line 2 used cars that happened to be black came along and both were great deals, so I bought 'em. They show every swirl and imperfection, tough to keep clean.

I like the looks of white, silver and gray...luckily those colors are all easy to maintain.
It's fine if you don't like the color black on vehicles - I happen to love black and own several black vehicles. I do not see any body lines or styling being hidden by the color of the paint. Just my opinion doesn't make anybody right or wrong.
For every black car I see, I think a classy navy blue would yield the same striking depth effect with significantly better distinction of intricate surface design details, especially if the hue features a subtle metallic treatment. That distinction isn't quite as strong in nominally classy carmine or garnet red because these colors suffer from the Purkinje effect in low light conditions, turning "black" before navy blue does. And then there's the Bezold-Brücke hue shift...but I'm getting off-topic.
if black is the worst color, what is the best color? i vote blue, you can go light or dark blue and it still looks great. with red if you go too light you get pink
So. I get that when super clean and under certain angle black can look superb. But. Under most conditions, a black car looks like a black hole, void, or a blob

Black hides all of the lines/complex stamping and turns a cars silhouette into a said black blob, hole, void.

Just the other day I saw a new(er) Audi RS6 Avant - $122k starting price - on the freeway. I could tell it was something serious from afar, but because the car was black and tinted I could only make out what it is, and kind of, sort of see it’s nice curves, complex stampings only when I got up close. Even then barely. It was just a big black blob…

Then, half an hour later I saw the same car but in lighter color, and what a difference it makes. Like a beautiful woman in a form fitting cocktail dress, or sportswear instead of wearing russian grandma style THICK fleece jacket that hides everything.

I have observed the same effect with other cars too. Black just sucks on good looking cars, as it makes them …. Well, you already know what I think.

So, although owners of black cars might think they look sharp driving a black car, with tinted windows and black wheels (worst case scenario) in reality they are invisible to others the way a black hole is.

Why buy a good looking car and then negate its looks by choosing it in black?

P.S. “your money your choice” blah-blah-blah. I’m not saying you are not allowed to own a black car, I merely question adequacy of such a decision on a good looking cars
Black metallic polished up doesn't leave a void it has pop. Granted like colors like molten lava pearl or acud green. If you want a shade of black that messes with your mind check out vanta black. It absorbs so much light it looks like a cut-out in a newspaper.
In New England it’s a decent car color for winter especially coupled to panoramic sunroof we leave shade open as it keeps car warm in sun.
It may be silly IYO but people still like it. In Arizona the most popular car color is white, the second most popular is black. Lots of silly people here.

I just bought a silly black Jeep. Sometimes buying used you buy the condition and the color comes with it.
I had a friend from Arizona. He said only two types of people in Arizona have black cars:
1) Tourists
I couldn't agree more.

They also show every swirl, scratch, paint chip, and spec of dirt. And here in Phoenix, the hottest city of the U.S., I'd only take a black car if I could get it 1/2 off. Even that's a stretch.
The only vehicles my dad drove in my lifetime were black Chevys. I remember as a kid we went to Disney World one summer in his black un-air conditioned 1967 Impala with black vinyl interior. We rolled up the windows and locked the doors like good tourists.

When we came back to the car at the end of the day my plastic yo-yo (a purple Duncan Imperial) had melted and warped. I hate to imagine how hot it must have been in that car at the peak of the day.
It's fine if you don't like the color black on vehicles - I happen to love black and own several black vehicles. I do not see any body lines or styling being hidden by the color of the paint. Just my opinion doesn't make anybody right or wrong.

I don't just "not like the color". I'm saying it hides - on a good looking car - all of its curves, lines and complex metal stampings. Does that make sense? A black dress will hide some of the extra lb, while a lighter-colored dress will underline extra lb one carries. Ditto for cars. That's just the empirical physical reality. Sop, why buy a good-looking car, and then hide/mask its looks by choosing it in black?