At Ford Quality is Now Problem 1

There are more issues with that first year (redesigned) Tundra than there should be.
Even that maybe so the 2022 tundra is still more reliable than a 2022 F-150 they still can’t get there 10speed auto right shuttering jerking all over the place . Issues with the powerboost power train . The F-150 forums is filled with complaints. But ford knows people gonna buy them regardless and raise the MSRP every few weeks it seems. Hopefully fords gets their act together.
I've had very good reliability with the two Fords I've owned -- a 2011 F150 Lariat and a 2016 Mustang GT. The F150 needed a center u-joint upgrade to stop minor clunking, and the Mustang had a rear camera that intermittently flaked out. Both of these failures happened at 20K miles or so. I put around 50K miles on the truck with no other issues and have only 36K miles on the Mustang.