Are you brand loyal?

I'm brand loyal to XOM, currently. Over the past few decades my loyalty has switched a few times. When a company starts messing with a good formulation like Pennzoil did with the SM PU, with the change over to the SN formulation, I switched brands.
Not particular to any one brand. I float around super tech, Mobil, Castrol and NAPA house brand repackaged valvoline.
Valvoline is my favorite brand.

I tend to run Valvoline, M1, or Amsoil (occasionally) in my vehicles.

Amsoil on stuff like my tractor, my OPE, and my Polaris Ranger. That takes 5w50. It’s cheaper to buy Amsoil and have it delivered vs driving an hour to pick Polaris oil up
I have favorites, rather than loyalty to one brand.
1. Quaker State. 2. Castrol. 3. Valvoline. 4. Mobil 1.

Only major brand I stay away from is Pennzoil. I know it's very close to Quaker state, but I won't use it.
For me it seems that Amsoil has come full circle. I first used it in the early 1990's when I worked with a man who sold it. I tried it and even signed up to be a dealer but that went nowhere and I honestly didn't see the benefit of the product. It was pricey, not readily available, and had some false specifications printed on the bottles that showed the company was lacking in their attention to details.

Fast forward to today and the founder is gone, his son and family is running the business, they've really stepped up their game with regard to integrity and compliance and the world has simply changed and moved in the direction that Amsoil has always gone. We now mail-order everything and even the prices have fallen in line with what things cost from the discount cheapy stores.

People can argue the benefits of cheap oil and frequent oil changes or they can take a stance on expensive oil and extended drain intervals but the cold hard truth is that equipment simply lasts longer with high quality fluids. You don't see any short term benefit by using Amsoil (or High Performance Lubricants or Royal Purple, etc.) but when you are over the 100,000 mile mark and your vehicles are running perfectly while your neighbors identical machine is struggling to pass emissions then you start seeing how the diligence of using good oils and practicing strong maintenance really pays off.

With all of this being said, I have settled in to being a loyal Amsoil customer. I just buy what I need and I don't give it a second thought. If anyone pays any attention to what I write on this forum it will definitely seem as though I am anti-Amsoil. This isn't the truth but I do tend to express how I feel about things. There are many fabulous oils and chemicals on the market but as for loyalty I have chosen to go with 800 lb elephant in the room.
im loyal to whatever brand has the best additive package and whatever i can find. Mobil 1 esp seems to be my go to recently, before it was rotella gas truck. ill let you what it is tomorrow.
Purely for nostalgic and centimental reasons when I do go big names I go Castrol since my grandpop used it it takes me back to changing oil on the 86 Ram D150 ..... however I use mainly (Amalie) STP Bag in box for motor oils and
Lucas for all other fluids and chemicals
I am 90% loyal to Shell Products. Have 1 5quart jug of Castrol Edge High Mileage Synthetic 0W20 going in Acura next oil change though.
Creatures of habit. But most are here to get smarter about oil. I set my sight on second best choice since the mass crowd seem to follow one brand. TGMO, Castrol Edge, regular Mobil 1, Idemitsu, Kirkland and my old favorite Pennzoil Ultra. Recently back to PUP…
There's more than one mother who has a beautiful daughter, that's for certain.

Last 20 years I used M1, Aral/BP, Shell and Ravenol for motor oil, while I used
Ravenol, Castrol, OE VW and BMW products for transmission applications. If
someone else had something more promising I'd most probably give it a try.
I'm price driven more than anything else but if everything is equal I'm probably grabbing something made by SOPUS off the shelf. No rational reason why, just brand loyalty from all the Pennzoil rebates I guess. 😆
Wouldn't say I'm loyal to one brand but I sure do have my favorites. I'm really liking Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W30 in my daily driver alloytec engine, I can actually see the varnish being removed through oil fill hole which weirdly excites me 😳 I have been collecting photos
i was loyal to quaker state full synthetic for years for my hyundai tucson & elantra. now that i have my 22 ranger ill tend to be more loyal to my wallet. as long as its full synthetic 5w30, it makes no difference to me. mobil 1, castrol, quaker state or valvoline. which ever wally has on rollback or my local Auto parts store has a special on. i did the PP and my ranger didnt like it too well so i wont be using that if i can help it. im running M1 at the moment with no problems. i picked up some castrol edge on sale for my next oil change this fall.
Rotella is what I tend to stick with, but Mobil Delvac is good too. Valvoline and Delo are good choices as well.