My Ford F-150 2.7 liter V6 Long Haul Mountain Towing Experience

How come you didn't stay on 64 to SE WV? Why go north on 79 and then south on 81. Seems like the long way. Where in WV is your daughter? Ignore this question. I see you we're going to Inwood which is near me. Lots of new jobs in that area with P&G, Amazon, McKesson in the area.
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The tough part of towing those trailers is the wind drag. I pulled a similar one with 1000lbs of contents and similar trailer behind my MDX. It managed but 14MPG instead of typical 19MPG with family of 5.
That 2.7 is absolutely tuneable, to ridiculous numbers, you would be shocked at the numbers people are getting with a tune and few light mods.
That's a good looking truck you have there! If I were in the market for a truck, I would be looking at F150's even though I'm a Dodge guy through and through. Personally, I would be happy with those numbers from the 2.7 considering the combined weight of your truck and trailer, all while towing through mountains.