Are you brand loyal?

I will remain loyal to Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 because it meets my desires for my cars. I don't mind paying a bit more for it.
I'm "kind of" loyal to Mobil 1. I've used Mobil 1 EP 5w20 and EP 0w20 for 3-4 years straight in my 3.5 Ecoboost.

Recently I've been trying out other brands such as Royal Purple and Pennzoil just to try different brands out, but I always find myself going back to Mobil 1. I personally find Mobil 1 to be the best oil for the money, period. Great base stocks, and great price at Walmart. When I use Mobil 1 EP and Royal Purple HPMO my car does not use any oil. The level stays the same until I change the oil at 5k miles, and the engine runs smooth as butter.

I've tried running Pennzoil Platinum 5w20 and 5w30 twice in the last two years, but my cars just eats PP. About half a quart/3-4k miles. But when I use M1 EP and RP HPMO, the level stays exactly where I left it even after 5k miles.

I don't like to use Pennzoil Platinum on my car because when I use PP, my car literally eats about half a quart/3-4k miles on both PP 5w20 and 5w30. I don't know why.

Mobil 1 EP 0w20 is the oil of choice for all my cars.
Favor M1 extended performance if pay full price otherwise I go with cheaper full synthetic oil meet car manufacturers certification.
Nope, price is the primary driving factor for what oil I get, brand does not play into my choice.
I used to favor Valvoline, but once I got here and learned more, I found it really does not matter all that much for my needs.

I rarely use the same brand oil for more than 2-3 changes, it really is based on what I have in my stash.
Several of my vehicles will be receiving Rotella Gas Truck for a while because of the clearance on it a few years ago (I have ~60 qts of it).

Only recent vehicle that has had the same brand oil for more than 3 changes is my Santa Fe, just had it's 4th (and last) change with Pennzoil Platinum 10w-30. Not sure what will be used next, but probably some of the Rotella T6 0w-40 in my stash.

Just looked, of the 9 vehicles I service, I have 7 different brands of oil (Mobil and Pennzoil are the only repeats).
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Mobil 1 in the 6qt case from Costco works for me. Car takes 5.5qts, good price when on sale & contributes to my 2% back.
Whatever is on sale, or a good deal and meets the specs. Hasn't failed me yet.

IN fact, I guess my relationships with oil is more like an "open" marriage. If I have two quarts of this, one quart of this and another quart of this....well, "everyone swing into the hot tub..."

I can't say loyal but I am more confident when I use a brand I am familiar with and used in the past like Castrol Edge or Mobil 1. There is a brand I wanted to try Fuchs (German company) which is widely available where I live but I only tried it on my Toyota pickup and didn't (or wouldn't?) try it in my other newer cars.
Anything but that nasty Pennzsludge bees wax 😝

Not really, my dad was a die hard Valvoline fan though.
My dad was also loyal to Valvoline. The only non-Valvoline oil I ever saw him use was a case of non-detergent Shell 30 grade he bought for his old IH gas tractor.

Myself I will generally use any oil that meets the spec and will switch brands depending on cost. I have bottles of every color in my garage.
I've pretty much settled on M1 EP 5W-30 for the Camry although I did try, and still have, a jug of the HM version. Mobil seems to work well in the Camry with no noticeable loss of oil during an OCI and I feel it's an excellent product. I buy when the price is down or if there's a rebate, and always seem to have about 2 changes in my "stash." If I had to pay a bit more for M1, I would.

I've used M1 in previous cars as well and was always satisfied with the product. Been using Mobil oil since 1992 with the exception of one fill of Castrol Edge EP when I bought the Camry (for some forgotten reason, I couldn't get M1), and one change with Amsoil back in 1993.

It works for me and my cars, it's available, it's affordable ... why keep switching brands just to save a couple of dollars.
I always use Valvoline. I also realize that if an oil meets a manufacturer specs it’s all good. After overseeing a Fleet operation with first responder vehicles Valvoline proved it’s worth time and again. These engines were overheated, ran like a beat mule, and idling in the 90+ degree heat all shift, and generally abused but never any oil related failures. That left a lasting impression on me.
I'm more loyal to oil specs than oil brands. Jetta gets VW502.00, FRS gets some sort of euro 40w, Tucson some sort of 5w30 synthetic, but I'll gravitate to a euro spec oil if it's almost the same price. I get whatever is on sale and meets those requirements. Usually that'll be Castrol, M1 or Pennzoil. If I manage to find a major brand not that common in North America on sale, like Total for example, then I'll grab it just for fun.