anyone looking for an inexpensive laptop 250$?

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Aug 20, 2003

Asus - 15.6" Laptop - Intel Core i3 - 4GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive - Black

Core-i3 fast

4gb memory.. no need to upgrade

500gb hdd.. probably will swap with a ssd.

final price was 210$ for me.

250+tax = 266$
-3% cashback on 266# (amex 3% cashback at supermarket)
1.5% cashback on 50$ (
30$ in gas from double fuel perk bestbuy cards at giant eagle

also available is the amex 25#off 250$ deal

I went with the gas/gift card deal so I couldn't do that one.

It earns a 5$ bestbuy reward certificate if you count that 205$ final price

Cpumark is 2200+ its replacing the celeron b810 acer notebook.. it been getting a little chunky with hdmi and full screen 1080p flash video to the tv

If anyone needs help with the deal PM me.. I'll get back to you after 8pm. est
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It is a nice modern Core i3 Ivy Bridge meaning 2013 era CPU, but it's only 1.8Ghz which is borderline slow. My current Core i5 Ivy Bridge ultrabook workstation when on batteries likes to limit it's speed to 2Ghz and it's just bareable when webpages get busy and that's with an SSD and 8GB of RAM. But it is plenty fast for professional office work.

If the speed isn't a concern I would take a look at the HP Stream products that start at the low $200s, especially the 11. It's comes with 1 year of office and at $240 I think they offer 4G LTE for a year through T-Mobile. The Stream is a competitor to the Chromebook, except that it runs full win 8.1, touchscreen with regular keyboard and equally bearable for professional work.
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actually, That one is basically a netbook, I saw that deal and its not much of a deal. They had similar ones for 199$

It's only 75% as fast as the current celeron b810

around 1000cpumark, the b810 is 1300. The i3 I got is 2200+

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Even cheaper on amazon.

Edit: Just saw that's not the Core i3, but still a good laptop for a really good price.

It just so happens newegg has a good 120gb ssd for 36$, a sandisk ultra II 240gb for 78$ and an intel 730 240 for 95$

I followed up this purchase with a intel 730 240gb for my desktop rig. And I'll most likely move the crucial m4 128GB to the new laptop or buy a 240gb

The intel isn't the fastest out there but very reliable and 5 year warranty.
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Yea I noticed that it was more of a netbook than a full laptop after I looked at it more.

I am very happy with my SanDisk ultra plus 128gb SSD in my laptop. Really fast, cheaper price than a lot of the other brands, 3 year warranty.
This should fix the main problem, watching 1080p TV with a flash type player off websites via hdmi to the panasonic 1080p plasma tv.

This would sometimes get chunky and blocky with the old notebook.

I was playing a 17gb 1080p mkv and it was making me seasick as well with some dropped frames.

I also didnt notice apparently if you buy 250$ in bestbuy gift cards or more they give you a 10$ off your next purchase coupon at GiantEagle. so final price 195$~

I'm sure I can craigslist the old laptop for at least 125$ so really a quite worthy and inexpensive upgrade.
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