Any issue mixing M1 AFE 0W-20 with M1 EP 0W-20 ?

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Dec 2, 2004
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Aside from EP having a higher price point, and slightly higher percentage of PAO basestock than AFE, are there other substantial differences between these 2 lubes?
Are you sure there is a higher percentage of PAO between these two? AFE is touted to have quite a bit of PAO. The primary difference that I see is that EP is **guaranteed** to last 15K, AFE is not guaranteed for any mileage (though it in the past it was a 10K oil--if memory serves). In my 2010 FX4 UOAs I was not "amazed" by EP over AFE (for runs to 15K or slightly over). If it were mine, I would save the extra $$ (even though it is only a few) and use AFE with a synthetic oil filter for 12K-15K OCIs and run a couple of UOAs to check TBN to set a trend.
0w20 EP indeed has more PAO than AFE... confirmed by the MSDS sheets. Beyond that - the add packs look pretty much the same... and I agree that I haven't seen much tangible difference in UOAs between the two. If it means anything - the AFE version is the worldwide 0w20 standard from Mobil 1, whereas the EP version appears to be exclusive to North America. AFE = 30-40% PAO EP = 60-70% PAO
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