An oil observation , Super Tec vs Pennzoil

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If I see a name brand oil that's competing with "generic" brands at the same price. I'm going to tend to assume the name brand is the lower quality of the two. The name brand has to cut corners somewhere to make up for all those advertising expenses.
Walmart prices across the board with everything have seem to gone up the last 2 years with this crazy inflation. Not isolated to just there motor oil. Walmart is the only grocery store in my little town. Next closest grocery store is a good 20 minute drive in any direction.
Got oil for my truck last week at Wally Mart. All the regular syns were $26-$27 regardless of brand. I decided to get Valvoline.
From what has been offered so far, the only thing that recently changed is some investment firm bought Warren oil and the ST brand got a GM certification. Which does not necessarily mean they changed anything to the product(maybe they did). It only means they passed a certification that they likely had to pay a lot of money for. The minimally changed the package label to show that.

That is all that has been offered. So far. Am I missing anything relative to ST vs. Penzsoil.

Also, Some offered that Wal-mart house products have increased in price disproportionatly compared to other brands price increases. Anecdotally I have thought that as well. Maybe Wal-Mart is just being opportunistic and wants to take advantage of the whole pandemic supply chain problems and similar excusses. As someone suggested, they think their customers are stupid.? Just a thought. IDK
Question has been asked and answered in several versions on topic of ST pricing recently, the owners,what has changed etc.

The highest inflation in decades and supply chain disruptions didn't start last week.

No one knows if they changed the oil, because no company releases the formula.

Members have answered what they can answer, many many times.
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