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Nov 26, 2014
Newark NJ
Desiring to test the theory of cleaner engine and better MPG by adding bottle of pure acetone to full tank. What do you all feel the results will be?

I tried that once to an old '61 Buick. A week later I was underneath it replacing all the rubber fuel line, because of leaks.

I was after an octane booster.
I don't think it will hurt the rubber that is used these days, but I did try small amounts of acetone for a good while a number of years ago after reading about "miraculous" results. I had none of them, but I wasn't using a whole bottle.
I am somewhat believing that it will not do anything. Expedition has a large tank, and it is full.

I added 8oz. MMO at the same time.
Get your civic back! Don't wreck your wife's car while yours is points unknown.
Lots of repair work (O-rings, fuel injection hose, evaporative emissions hardware, etc.) to follow soon...
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Get your civic back! Don't wreck your wife's car while yours is points unknown.

Is it really a bad idea? Acetone? Or is it harmless?
There is already small amounts of it in your gas along with other chemicals similar to acetone so it won't hurt a thing. Old wives tails still alive and strong in here... guess you guys still think race gas will burn yer pistons!!
i have experimented using acetone about 3 oz per 10 gallon of fuel along with other additives such as mmo, tcw3, lucas fuel treatment, a host of fuel injector cleaners and etc off and on for some time and to date i have experienced no problems in any of my 5 vehicles and small engines that i have run it through.

acetone is also supposed to be in gasoline but I do not know exactly how much.
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come to think of it this way: we use Acetone to dissolve epoxy, so you can be absolutely certain that it will break down elastomers, such as seals, o-rings, given sufficient exposure and concentration.

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