5 qts in a 4.8 fill

Right on rods a knocking.
You're the one that added "properly disposed". Plenty of "empty" (or almost empty) oil bottles or jugs get thrown in people's trash cans, then goes into landfills.
The same statement can be used for any moron that tosses old gasoline, paint or anything else toxic.
Capacities listed in owner's manuals are guidelines. Nearly all manuals default to the dipstick for reading and correcting the level when doing service.
Excellent point. I'll bet DIY folks, repair shops, quick lubes, etc put in what the book says and still check the dipstick (and adjust if necessary), so yeah, the dipstick is what you go by in the end. My manual says my car takes 5-1/8 quarts but I dump in 5 quarts, even use a "larger" filter, and the dipstick still reads closer to the full mark.
I have the same 2.5 Toyota Rav4 - 2019 flavor. Top bubble on my dipstick is exactly 4.65 quarts - yes after its been run for a while - even though the spec is 4.8 quarts. Not sure why - factory defect dipstick, just not that precise, or?

The dealer has overfilled mine slightly - per the dipstick - several times when they do it for "free" with Toyotacare platinum, which is "port installed" for SE Toyota.
2017 camry here with the 2.5. specs for my car is 4.6 quarts. Put it on small ramps and used 4.75 quarts. Put it on same ramps going up the hill in my driveway and got a full 5 quarts in or should I say out. The higher you elevate the front end the more oil drains out, makes perfect sense when you look at the oil pan and drain bolt location. The 4.6 quarts my manual says is when the car is level on a 4 point lift at a shop.
I am wondering why an engineer decided lets make it 4.8 instead of just 5 ? I mean make the filter larger or something. I am sure there are some owners out there saving that .2 quarts.
I had the same question when I started changing the oil on my Toyota Venza with the 2.7 4 cylinder. It calls for 4.7 quarts. It gets 5 full quarts. and has for about 80 thousand miles. Without problem. On a side note, the 2.7 can use just about any oil viscosity. After the maintenance plans petered out and I took over its been on a 5w30 and 0w40 diet for over half its life, no change in mileage at all.