2024 crosstrek burning oil after 1,000 miles on oil change

Mayhaps you drive your 0w-20 on flat land Sunday drives south of 200 American?

I’m tearing it up in the Rocky Mountains usually north of 7,500’ elevation on trails, likea Ru crosstrek wilderness should. Then some stop and go with the Denverites down there going to the gym. Then I turn and burn and start climbing. Mayhaps the 0w-20 clan handle it ore would frequent oil changes be of some benefit?
228f is not hot for the fb25, my 2011 would hit 234f+ just going 80 with traffic in 70mph zones
my 2015 hit 238f-240f a few times towing a utility trailer with a big ramp up a hill.

my 2022 forester wilderness never went over 230f.
my 2024 outback with fa24f stays around 203-205, havent seen it over 209f yet. Which definitely makes me feel better about its 0w20 oil recommendation in a turbo gdi motor.
Only time I’ve hit 237 American with 0w-20 was going up Ike’s gauntlet