2015 Ford Edge brake decision


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Jun 2, 2018
Changed the oil on my wife’s 2015 edge and the rear brakes are really close to needing replaced. Of course with having our first child I can’t in my mind just jump to Napa and buy their kit and call it a day because my mind would just run rampant… thanks anxiety!

So I have it down to four options from reading on here minus the Napa. We are in Alabama and travel a lot to Florida so no issues of rust, but if a coated rotor is what is needed for “premium” so be it. I just want them to be safe.

Leaning towards the Raybestos for the braking feel I’ve read about on here, but any suggestions here would be amazing.

Napa silentguard and premium rotors
Wagner oex pads and matching rotor
Akebono ProAct (not sure of rotor here)
Raybestos element 3 pads and rotors.
Feb 15, 2003
Jupiter, Florida
Purchase the Motorcraft pads. They are OEM and will provide predictable and safe performance. (they are excellent)

The idea that a novice can purchase brake pads without knowing exactly what the performance ratings are, AND how they relate to the driving conditions is absurd. Ceramic pads often have much lower friction than OEM semi metallic pads. Stopping performance can suffer greatly.

Furthermore, many aftermarket pads concentrate on low dust and low noise. Good luck with those during a spirited drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The pad ratings contain two letters. Such as DD or EE. The first is lower temp friction, the second is higher temp friction. And EE is about what you get with many OF THE BETTER aftermarket pads. Even if they are rated FF. (higher F is better)

FWIW, pads on a Mustang GT are rated FF. That's pretty good, and will provide good stopping power for high performance driving, but will not be good enough for serious road race track use.
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