Front brake job 2005 Ford Taurus

Dec 31, 2017
SE British Columbia, Canada
Here are some shots from my front brake job. I used Napa Premium brake pads and rotors and everything fit. There was a mention of ceramic content on the box for the pads. The pads came with shims pre-installed plus some extra shims I did not need. There’s 120,000 miles on the car and I bought it with 50,000 miles on it. I found each rotor was attached with two snap washers which I had to pull away then rotate off.

The area is in the Rocky Mountains were plenty of salt is used. The pads were completely done. The wear indicators were worn down and the outboard pads we almost down to metal. The rotors were plenty rusted.

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Here’s a few shots for those thinking of doing their own brakes, but haven’t yet tried. Each side only has four bolts. A breaker bar is good and it’s good to have a torque wrench. I have a fit for purpose piston compressor but a C clamp works as well. Really worn pads will result in fluid backing up in the master cylinder. Some folks prefer to crack a bleeder when pushing on it.

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Those snap washers, I just pry the corner up with a knife blade to create a gap, grab them with needle nose pliers, twist (washer itself at 90' to its flat plane, not twist on the hub stud) and they break off.

The fluid is looking a little dark... I like to keep the reservoir outside clean, so when I peer through it with a flashlight (no need to take cap off to check fluid level) I can better tell how dark it is too.
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coated rotors are awesome :cool:

Also, if you have rear drums and ever need to replace them, know that Bendix makes pre-assembled shoes for your 2005 Taurus :)