2013 Honda Pilot 54k miles: Clean or replace PCV valve?

@The Critic , thanks for the tip about the hydraulic tensioner!!

Ha, you joined this forum only 5 months before I did. Dang, it's been a long time ago it seems!

I had always planned on performing the timing chain service myself.

I will probably need to move up it's service and tackle it before summer when I gets hot.
It is a real easy timing belt job. Buy both belts (timing and serpentine), water pump, hydraulic tensioner and idler pulley bolt from the dealer. Drain the coolant from the rear block before starting if you want to minimize the mess. You should be able to do it in about 2 hours.
I it can be cleaned with brake cleaner, as long as it rattles from what I understand. But if is hard to get at, might as well replace.
Never skimp on a PCV. A clogged or even slow but still kind of working PCV valve can cause a lot of engine problems and they don’t throw engine codes either. As soon as I roll up my sleeves and open the tool chest I am paying myself $50/hr just for doing the work myself. I use OEM only parts the one on the Corolla was $5 and the Tundra was $7-8. Even if yours is $25 still cheap. The rattle test only works if you have a new one in your hand to compare it to. It is the speed that it rattles not just the fact it rattles. I also change out the ventilation hose as needed.