20-50 in riding mower

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Sep 1, 2008
Southeast Texas
Mom-in-law has a out of warrenty Poulan riding mower, and Father-in-law left over a case of O-Rielly 20-50. Could I safely utilize this weight oil in her mower? It is real hot where we live, and takes about 3 hours to mow the large yard, so I am thinking 20-50 might be fine for this... Opinions, please! Thanks.
It'll work just fine. Might not be the ideal weight, but its free oil, and it won't hurt anything. I'd run it.
I would have no problems with 20W50 in a small engine in your climate. According to Suzuki 20W50 is OK down to 14F in a Vitara... Which I imagine has much tighter clearances than the motor in your mower. Ian
Yep. I agree with the above. 20w50 will do fine for 3hrs+ sessions of HOT Texas mowing. Joel
I ran 20W-50 Redline and 20W-50 M-1 V-Twin...both with amazing results from Blackstone...iron <2 and no copper or lead. Since then I switched to 15W-50 Motul 300V as my taste for Moly (867 ppm) and 1200 of Zinc is present in these products. I use 5W-40 Motul 300V in my winter equiptment. Again Blacstone showed "zero wear metals" with these oils. Motul 300V is a double ester product and the equiptment starts immediately due to amazingly low friction. I use either Amsoil or Motul now after much experimenting. The Amsoil EaO oil filters are amazing. I can hear it now...why such an expensive oil..... :)
I'd use it. IMO, about the only way to hurt a small engine is running it without oil. As long as it has some type of engine oil in it, it will likely run for as long as you wish to keep it. Small engine failures are usually caused by something not related to oil, assuming the engine has the proper amount of oil in it.
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