1990 toyota corolla 1.8 diesel coolant


what coolant would you recommend for a 1990 toyota corolla 1.8 diesel?
I live in tropical climate in nicaragua a country where the lowest temperature ever recorded was around 59 degrees F or 15 celsius and temperature maintains between 72 and 86 degrees F or 22 to 30 degrees Celsius, in may temperatures may get up to 100 degrees F or 38 degrees celsius. The vehicle was just purchased and has around 270,000 km. I dont have the owners manual.
These are the coolants available to me:

inorganic acid technology coolants iat :
peak fleet charge with astm 4985 specs
hella blue coolant hcb05 dont see the specs
napa heavy duty precharged with astm 4985 specs
mobil heavy duty precharged with astm 4985 specs

with oat organic acid technology coolants:
prestone heavy duty nitrite free yellow oat specs
toyota extended long life coolant pink oat specs
toyota long life coolant red oat specs
john deere cool gard II oat specs
cat extended life oat specs

i saw a video on youtube where 4 coolants were boiled to see how much deposits were left afterwards and the napa hd coolant had the least amount of deposits leftover.


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