10W30 Unknown Brand in Abused '91 Ranger

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Nov 6, 2003
Akron, OH
I have a friend who is about to change out some 14-month-old conventional oil from an abused '91 Ranger. The guy has probably put 14K miles on this oil. The filter hasn't been changed. Heck, the air filter on this truck was stock up until last Friday... as in 13 years old. That filter was mostly black. Anyway, I have the chance to send this oil in for analysis. I also have cash flow problems doing so, but enough money to mail a sample. Would anyone like to either A) pay for the analysis or B) have me mail them the sample so they can have it run? I'm just offerring, because I know you guys get a kick out of really bad UOAs. PS - I may be able to find out the brand of this oil from the guy, and more details on how many miles he's driven in the 14 months.
I'm in for a couple bucks. I'd love to see how nasty this one is. Get some choice commentary from Terry, Molakule, Bror Jace and a few other folks and it would be some cheap entertainment. We could even post the results on other forums as an example of what not to do.
Alrighty guys. Looks like this one will get adequate donations, so I'll get that sample next weekend when I'm up at my buddy's house.
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