1/4" socket set

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
I love wrenching with 1/4" sockets. They just are much lighter and I can be more agile using them.

I have a set and then a bunch of other components, but Im looking for a small, self-contained set. Something pretty compact, I don't need all kinds of deep and shallow and U-joints and long handle ratchets. Just a short handle ratchet with say, 5-15mm shallow sockets, in a box.

Must be first-world, no HF or other Chinesium. I consider Craftsman now to be part of that group, unfortunately.

So, recommendations?
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Really like my set linked below the Vikas put me on to last year, great price too. Very nice in tighter quarters and where a lighter touch and more feel required. Don't think they are sold anywhere now though. Still have a much older Craftsman 1/4" set included in a larger set bought many years ago, also nice. But they too are not sold anymore. Guess this hasn't been much help. Sorry.

I bought this set a long time ago when it was northern tool brand. I find that i use it a lot because it has all the basic stuff you need it one place. Wish it went to 15 mm but i believe mine only goes to 14. Quality is good. Not junk but not the best. Very handy little set. My only complaint is that the sockets dont clip into the case, they just lay in it. Very easy to knock into and watch sockets fly everywhere.

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+3 for the unobtainable Triangle, the official l33t sockets of BITOG ca 2011.

I looked on ebay but got tripped up by triangle SHAPED sockets.
When I purchased couple of Triangle 1/4, I had extreme hard time gifting it to my own brother. Fortunately, he does appreciate it! I like the 3/8 but 1/4 feels lot better to me. The 3/8 ratchet does not feel as balanced as the 1/4.

That set is worth a lot more than what we paid at clearance.
yeah, I may go for the lowest price complete in a case SK set on amazon...

Or maybe whatever the McMaster set it (Armstrong or Proto)?

Does craftsman still sell us made sets in store?
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yeah, I may go for the lowest price complete in a case SK set on amazon...

Or maybe whatever the McMaster set it (Armstrong or Proto)?

Does craftsman still sell us made sets in store?

The SK looks good. Be aware they do make a 6" 1/4 drive ratchet but the sets only seem to include a 4". Check them out they may make a set with the longer ratchet.

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You might be able to find decent US built 1/4 sockets at Craftsman but their included ratchets are uniformly despised by everybody who uses them. Craftsman do have nice ratchets available separately but not sure if they would fit in the kit.

If you want stuff built in the 1st world, you have to pretty much forget about Craftsman these days. If you allow 2nd world (assuming Taiwan is categorized as being a 2nd world country) you have far better choices in your search.
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Triangle? I have an amazing 1/4" drive triangle set.


The 1/4" Triangle set on clearance at Sears last year was the best 1/4" socket set for less than $30-40.
That Stahlwille looks nice!

I am surprised that no Triangle 1/4 is available on the ebay. I have an extra but I am not selling it at any price! The final Sears clearance price on that was $19.99. I went nuts and picked up three and as I said I still had hard time gifting one to my own brother.
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The problem with suitcase socket sets is they never have the ratchet I want. A perfect example is Facom, all their socket sets have a plastic handled ratchet when their knurled handle 1/4 drive round head would be a million times better.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned Crescent Tools. I bought some dirt cheap at Menards on Black Friday and cant believe the quality of them and there very reasonable and come with a Lifetime Guarentee.

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The Armstrong set above IS Craftsman (identical USA manufacture) so it is priced WAY too high, about 4-5 times higher than a comparable Craftsman set.

I thought Armstrong = Matco
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