08 5.3 Sierra Oil Recommendations

Mar 22, 2012
Berks County/Pa.
Good friend of mine has an 04 Silverado with the 4.8L and pushing 150K. We use the Havoline HM Synthetic Blend six quart box 5W30 and paired with a ST filter. Truck still runs like a top. Rear is making some clunking noises from time to time though I noticed recently.
Jun 3, 2003
BC, Canada
Is his AFM enabled?
Nothing has been deleted. disabled or removed. The OLM reaches zero at 13,000 kms, or about 8,000 miles in the old money.
I did one UOA with 15w40 CJ-4
when the truck was about 2 years old. All I learned from the uoa is that I no longer needed to do uoa's using xW40 HDs on this engine.
With 15w40, oil consumption was about one litre per drain interval. In other words, by the time we changed the oil, it was on the add line,
and slightly below add with 0w40s. We always used the 2014 and newer long filter.
The 2013 5.3 is a 5w30 engine, the 2014 and newer, 0w20.
The transmission has been drained and filled 3x with Dexron VI with one trans filter last year.
T-case 3x with PC dura-drive. F&R diffs 2x with 80w140 GL-5. Chevron the last time.
Tires this winter and last, GY studded Duratrac 275/70/18E on 18x9 Fuel, zero offset. Old set for summer now, 275/60/20E Nitto EXO studded on the stock 20x8.5" wheels. The truck is a SLT crew cab short box.
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May 16, 2015
My 08’ 4.8 has been on a steady regimen of Mobil 1 5-30 since it was new. 165,000 miles on it now and it still doesn’t use a drop. Been changing it at 8K with an OG Ultra XG 10575 filter with the low bypass rating. ( bought a bunch before they went to the higher bypass rating) And Wix 57045 but they were all made when Wix was owned by Affinity Group.